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Being Inside Out

Here the author has given an insight on one of the great lessons of life itself by taking a basic instance to relate the public. Get the depth of it. Go on.

"Being Transparent" could also have been the title of this article. Can your thoughts, words and actions be in sync always? Generally, we don't find them in sync. Why does this happen is the question of this context? Is it really that difficult to speak out what you are literally feeling!
being inside out,great lesson
Say, you see a friend dressed up well while walking. Will you appreciate the person or will you think before appreciating the possible reply? Or the ego inside you might not allow you to appreciate others. When teacher explains a very good point in the class, do you acknowledge that or still keep regretting for opting that course? When you come home late, you know that your parents are angry about it. So do you apologise for it or justify yourself for being late? There are a lot of choices of responses for all of the above questions. But the final destination of choice lies in your conscious which knows if you are really accepting the truth or you are trying to cover up the negligence.

There are lot of barriers in the world of feelings and emotions that bind us in such a way that we can't even breathe through the knots. Your heart craves to have a Mercedes but the brain stops you from expressing the wish as it knows the practicality. Your intellect understands the high caliber of your colleague but your ego stops from appreciating that. Your soul cries out of pain when you come across a mis-happening but your pride of being a MAN stops you from shedding those tears which in turn evokes a tsunami inside you. Your friendship calls you to call your friend the fourth time but your self-respect stops you from even responding to his/her call. The child inside you wants to play with the kids on the street doing hip-hop but the adolescence on top of you forbids the same. You want to hug your friend during the most sensitive situation but the question 'what will others think of you?' keeps you both apart.
The war within never stops; but may the good win the battle.

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