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There is nothing called HARD WORK - It's just focus, mindset and feelings.

Majority of us think of physical strain when we think of hard work. I do not agree with this, It may or may not be physical strain. Well before some work or activity can tire us up, the feeling on the mind that we carry, having convinced ourselves, that we are sure to get really tired, tires us up completely, leaving us with no zeal to pursue what we want to accomplish.

Majority of the times the hard work is not actually the effort we input to do something, its instead the effort to fight these negative emotions and still do the work we intend to.

Half the battle can be won, if we can avoid these thoughts at the first place, that we are going to work hard or we already have worked really hard for the day or for the week. Once we have eliminated these thoughts about how much needs to be done, or how much was done, half the path is tread.
there is nothing called hard work,zeal
The other half can be tread effortlessly, if one can enjoy the work he/she is doing. It's just about filling yourself with enthusiasm and energy and reinforcing each fact you love about what you just about to do. In simple words: "love what you do, don't do what you don't love, but when you are doing something you better love it."

Discovering/figuring out the interesting sides to your work is the task you need to accomplish before you set out into action.

Once this is done, repeatedly doing what you love and that what peps you up, even 10% of the time, can make 100% of your work feel super interesting to you.

The last thing to eliminate to accomplish things at hand to perfection is to avoid distractions and that happens by focusing and re-focusing. It's like a straight road with a left turn at a point on its path. Our actual route is along left turn, but the sign boards in the distant scene of Mc.Donalds attract us on the running straight road, we feel we have not lost speed, but we would have lost focus for sure.

So time and again, look into your map and re-focus yourself towards your goals and everything you do should speeden up the process of reaching your goals!
NOTE: Goals do enhance and grow as we expose ourselves to more and more things in our day to day lives, hence timely confirmations of the route map become extremely inevitable for success.

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