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700 miles

Transcending the barriers of two states
I come here to transform my fate
Within me resides an unsaid fear
For I have no one near and dear

A journey of 700 miles!!
I reach "Nitte" with dreams in my eyes
Eyes here look me with a suspicion
But that ain't gonna change my vision
700 miles,overcoming,barriers
Many things unsaid and unheard
But I wanna be the man of my words
Giving up - NOT my style
After all I have covered 700 miles !!

For sandstorms and thunders welcoming on way
I fight them all night and day
Proving my presence is not a concern
Sharpening my skills, I relearn

Creating history - leave it apart
I wanna be immortal in everyone's heart

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Rohit P Tahiliani
Rohit P Tahiliani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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