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Make Your Goals

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to work towards something big that you want. For me, it just happens to be three big, but very different things.

The first is something I think I will always want at least once a year. And I'm pretty sure it's something that a lot of people will want every year. I want to go back to Disneyland! I am in love with Disneyland. I practically grew up there due to the fact that I lived so close to it, at least until I moved to Northern California. Luckily, my high school graduation gave my parents, my twin and I, an excuse to make a trip back down there for three days of awesome, magical, fairy dust fun!
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It's kind of funny though, that was a year ago just around this time and since then (and even before that trip), I go through what I call, Disneyland-withdrawals. And that is where I would wake up thinking of the theme song to Splash Mountain, or I would look around my room and suddenly (as if I had not really noticed them before) realize how many Disney souvenirs I have. Just to put it into perspective, I have a couple of cellphone cases that turn my phone into Disney characters. My Christmas stocking is even a Disney character.

The other day, I woke up having those same feelings and that's when I decided that I was going to make plans to go there again! Unfortunately, since I don't really live close to the park anymore, I have to really plan everything out.

This is where working hard comes into play! My significant other and I have made it one of our top priorities to take twenty or so dollars out of every paycheck we get from our jobs and place it aside until it is time for our trip! We will also be planning out where we will be staying and when, as well as the most expensive thing we will have to cover, gas money! Oh goodness, that's a big one! But as long as we're determined to make this trip happen, we will figure everything out. The other wonderful thing about planning this trip is that, I'm no longer feeling my "withdrawals", I'm feeling jitters!

The second thing that I've been turning myself around for is to be fit and healthy. Boy, have I really been working hard for this before summer comes. Please don't worry, I'm not going to extremes here! I've just been making it a point for me to try and eat smarter meals, and try to become more active. And believe it or not, I feel great. My body sculpting class at my college has actually been helping me control my heart rate when I'm under stress and is giving me a little more muscle tone (which helps out with my dancing as well, yay!), it has also been helping out with keeping my energy up, so I don't get as tired as easily as I used to when I'm doing different activities. Also, my wonderful significant other and I have made a pact to go on walks as often as we can and only eat sweets on the weekends in order to balance everything out. I am still very sure to keep up with my protein and my much needed carbs. For instance, I love my pasta! And it's perfect for me to eat after I've had a long hard day of dancing! That brings me to my final (and probably my busiest) goal that I've been working hard toward is my dance degree! There are a lot of classes that I have to take for it, but the biggest class that I'm really working toward is Pointe Ballet.

Ballet is a big part of my dance degree, but not everyone has to take ballet, they could take modern and jazz if they wanted, I just happen to favor ballet. So far, I have probably been working avidly to be admitted into Pointe classes, all of my work has included: taking Ballet Fundamentals (twice! Just to make sure that I know everything I can before moving on to Ballet I), making appointments with the Pointe teacher (who also happens to be my fundamentals teacher) to see what I can do to strengthen my feet, toes, ankles, and back, for a future en Pointe, and I've even make it a priority to take summer classes at the local ballet school to make sure that I don't lose what I've been working on. My family has been helping as well, we were able to move my gigantic mirror down to the living room where there is a large amount of floor space available for me to utilize and my dad has plans to set up a ballet barre for me to keep up with my exercises. I'm even exercising on my down times with the advice that my teacher had given me. For instance, picking up marbles off the floor with my toes and dropping them in a basket, also, placing a towel out in front of me and using my toes to scrunch it toward me, and using my theraband when I can. Those are just a few of the exercises that I do; there is even one for me to do when I'm standing by a wall!

I'm also very happy to say that my flexibility is better than it has been in all of my years of dancing. I mean, it was just the other night that I discovered just how good my left and right leg splits are getting as well as my straddle.

Anyway, I guess I'm trying to make myself an example so I could show people that, if you really want to make a difference with yourself, or work toward something that you REALLY want, you could do it! Especially if you want it bad enough!

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Patricia Carrigan
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