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Our Season of Change

When the seasons change, as they are in this time of year, we are reminded of the impermanence of our lives. Spring, in the Northern hemisphere, portents a "greening" of our lives as cold gives way to warmth. In the Southern hemisphere, autumn, it seems, is quickly followed by a winter season of "sleep" for much of the natural world. These changes are constantly occurring and an ever present part of our connected lives on planet Earth.
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The natural cycles of our planet, the ying and the yang of an existence, are expertly painted across our world day in and day out. As we accept these natural cycles, so too, must we live into these cycles in our own lives. The daily inspiration needed to get through the difficult times can be found within the wisdom of nature.

The butterfly, a complicated painting of cellular magnificence, was once a mass of cells in another form, the caterpillar. The morphing, the changing from one form to another, was one marked with process and potential. For the caterpillar to not undergo change, would have meant the butterfly could never emerge. With the caterpillar as our mentor, what changes can we ask ourselves to embark upon? Did the caterpillar know the butterfly outcome was possible?

Our seasons of personal change are often approached with a kind of ignorant indignance and the question as to why can this be happening, especially to me? We stumble with the realities of constant, uninterrupted change when it is applied to our own lives. The inspiration that nature and our world provides us, is to relax into the process and to find our peace within the change, not in the absence of it. The letting go is the letting be.

As the natural world is currently marked by seasonal change, may we find our example and our inspiration in this world's realities and capabilities. Within ourselves, may we yearn to coax the butterfly into emergence.

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Karen Olson Johnson
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