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Say NO to Plastics

Nature is given to man by God as a gift,
Isn't it his duty to preserve it with thrift?
Plastics and Paper bags are given as a choice,
One who chooses the latter is the wise.
say no to plastics,health is wealth
Today's world demand fresh air in all the cases,
But plastics when burnt, release harmful gases;
Plastics give birth to cancer and skin diseases,
Ban them or else we'll have to face the crisis.

Plastics are thrown on the land by its users,
But do they know that it never decomposes;
It makes land unsuitable for further cultivation,
In future, we'll land-up in a desperate situation.

Garbage is thrown on road in plastics,
Animals around apply a lot of tactics;
They eat it for the nutritious wealth,
And finally die with poor health.

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Khushboo Betala
Khushboo Betala is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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