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div class="article-full"> I was watching the movie titled 'Serendipity' after a long time. This time I evaluated things that have happened to me out of pure coincidence. Trust me, most of what I cherish and enjoy are the pursuits of such chance events. When you meet someone or see something out of the blue, what do you want to do about it?

Let's say there is this guy you met in a party and you spark off well. What next? Or you have a hidden dance talent and there is an audition in your college. What next?

There has been an accident and you know you can help. But would you go and do it? Gone are the days when we would sit back and let indecision run our lives. Gone are the days when we said, If it is meant to happen, it will. We are living in a world which is developing and changing every single day. The people who inhabit it are also forced to be faster so as to accommodate such vast differences with the changing times.
So, firstly, it is a miracle if you manage to strike a chord with someone. Secondly, if it does happen to you, don't let it slip. That person could be your best friend, biggest strength or even your soul mate. It could be that opportunity of a life time to prove all you ever wanted! That chance could be the answer to your prayers.

If you like or want something, go after it. Put in your 100%. Don't leave it to chance, don't take it for granted. Don't always expect the other person to take all efforts. It is no wonder our elders have said, "do your best god will do the rest". I urge each one of you to make the best out of your life whenever there is an opportunity. A little bit of courage can change your life. If the girl in the movie was me, I wouldn't have wasted all those years away from the guy. No, not even another minute.

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Vanjulavalli Sridhar
Mother, Artist, Dancer, Writer, Forest officer

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