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Tea on train

The train passed through the tunnels

Filling my senses with void and emptiness

As though darkness signaled the end

It was like holding on to the past and fend

I heard a whisper and felt a breath

From deep inside

That said, "It is no use holding on to life

It is like an avalanche on the terrain

Time will take a toll of what shall remain
tea on train,life
Every day need celebration

Filled with fun and jubilation"

This octogenarian was snoring

Defying all behest, ignoring

Smiling he incoherently murmured

I went near almost to his chest

"Lucky birds have seen that light

It's so luminous and so very bright"

He then turned the other side

I felt my pulse twitching inside

I felt sad that I left my home

My little one must be crying alone

I should have reconciled

Compromised and felt glorified

I should have fed my toddler

Been more tolerant, judicious

Painted red and blue on my canvas

The train came to a sudden halt

With lightening speed I ran

Desperate to reach home

Eager to be with my dear ones

Stumbled and fell

I bled like hell

"You have been working hard honey

Drink some tea and don't worry about money

Let me give you a massage

There's news you can't envisage

I will tell you after you finally awake

Life will change after the daybreak!"

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