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The Wild "Blue Wonders"

Let's take a moment to think about this... how many times in your life have you overlooked thanking someone for something they have done for you; a parent, a marriage mate, a brother or sister, or a friend? Or how many beautiful sights have you seen that you meditated on because they touched you; the birth of a child, the sunsets, the stars of the heavens? And what about all the times we didn't think we could endure our own trials, but somehow we found the strength to get through them and after we realize we learned something about ourselves that we didn't know before?

For sake of discussion, let's call these moments the "The Wild Blue Wonders." We all have been there and each one in their very own special ways. What "blues" have been part of your life, and what "wonders" have made you open your hearts?
the wild blue wonder,thankyou

How many "blue wonders" can you see or find around you?
Make sure you make a list to share with me when you do.
I have a couple of my own ideas and I am going to share them with you now,
So I can give you a clue as to the way this game works, I will show you how.

The first things that comes to my mind is the Webster's Dictionary, as it is "blue,"
And the pages inside this book are full of "wonders" too. (i.e. I "wonder" what this word means?)
Then there are the "blue" waters of the very seas,
And all the "wonderful" treasures you will find in these.

Or what about the "blue" in your eyes,
That attracted me to you, now I have had all these "wonderful" years with you by my side?
And all the "blue" moods swings I have been through,
How I couldn't have gotten through them without you.

Then there are the "wonder why" questions that pop up now and then,
And you drive yourself crazy trying to analyze them.
I have often wondered how my life would be "blue" without you.
And I "wonder" if I have told you that I appreciate everything that you do.

So these are just a few "Blues" and "Wonders" I have come up with
Now it is your turn to make your list.
Take a moment to jot some of your ideas down,
And share what made you happy then and what makes you happy now.

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