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Creativity unleashed at I3 - Taste from Waste

creativity unleashed,i3 influence inspire impact One of the most revolutionary movements running in Bangalore in the current times is I3 - Influence, Inspire, Impact, which is a change driven platform and a conference based program educating college grads on different aspects of life, profession, skill-sets, talents, business fields etc., through counselors from different walks of life. Alongside influencing and inspiring the delegates via live inspirational icons and their life and business stories, I3 also is providing these students a chance to execute their thoughts and ideas on different themes which are announced every Sunday at the end of the conference. During the 2nd conference of I3 which was based on entrepreneurship a new theme for take away projects was announced. The theme was 'TASTE FROM WASTE'.
This particular 2nd week of I3 has seen a massive amount of creativity spill out into every aspect of our surroundings. The I3 delegates have taken leaps and bounds to express their hidden talent of using the unused and wasted materials and come up with out-of-the-box innovative props.
creativity unleashed,i3 influence inspire impact
Some of the highlighting projects used waste clothes, broom sticks, ice cream sticks, plastic bottles, old and unused CDs and DVDs and every other kind of waste material that you can imagine. Such waste materials gathered from different people and different sources were converted into wearable clothes, mattresses, wall hangings, fancy items, mats, craft, lamps, pots for small saplings and horde of other useful things. The pillows and mats which were made by old and unused clothes were donated to kids at an orphanage so that they could have good amenities for a sound sleep. This project was named as 'Sound mind sound mats' by Aishwarya HN.

There was another project founded by Alok Pais, wherein thrown away plastic bottles were collected, creativity unleashed,i3 influence inspire impact cut in the form of small pots, stuffed with soil and planted with saplings. More than 200 such small pots were sold and the money earned was used to donate food to more than 200 children in an orphanage. One of the outstanding delegates was Pavithra C, the youngest delegate of I3 who is just 16 years old, had come up with a wide variety of gift items that were made only with waste substances found at home such as outer coverings of pista, coconut, sticks, etc.
There were other projects which converted old CDs into wall hangings, platform for lamps, old electronic circuit boards as key chains, old sarees into mats.

creativity unleashed,i3 influence inspire impact Old, unused and spoilt computers were collected from different people; they were repaired and donated to underprivileged children. Some of such students also got books, boxes and other stationery items which were collected by delegates from the public in support to Taste From Waste philosophy. Some of the used glass bottles were covered with strings of jute and made into gift items. Unused materials were connected together and made into beautiful hangings.
Delegates didn't bother whether they were at home or hostel. They had decided to use their time really well and create something that would lengthen the life span of an item that would have been otherwise thrown as a waste.

A lot of care was taken to make sure that there was no paper which went as waste. Card boards were converted into book marks, old newspapers and other completed sheets were recycled and a lot of paper waste was reused, which eventually helps us progress towards a greener environment. Having said and done so much, I am sure that each one of you out there is curiously waiting to see some photos of this project - TASTE FROM WASTE.

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