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The illusive romance of democracy

The day of election
Like a mirage in a desert,
The perpetual illusion
The belief in tomorrow
A Ray of hope,
One day, you will steal
The real freedom

World's largest so-called democratic country is participating in elections to re-elect people for next five years. In last six decades, these elections have also become rituals without real impact on the lives of the people. Same slogans, same enticement, same drama... the process continues. The youth have a charm and excitement, and truly speaking, these elections are the elections for the youth to choose their leaders. The grown ups have experienced and understood that nothing is going to change. The youth are excited for the change and wish to bring about the change.
the illusive romance of democracy,election government
A nation of 120 crores
Reading agenda after agenda..
Served with day-dreams and slogans
Confused and mesmerized...
The true magicians will again
Take away their nation...

There is a fundamental need to reshape the governance of our country. There is a need to restructure and re-orient the bureaucracy. There is a need to alter the basic belief system of the government officers. I've heard that an income tax officer raided a person when his daughter was getting married and a person when he was practising fast on the occasion of Samvatsari (the highest festival of Jain community). This is cruelty. This shows that the government officers still carry the same attitude, which was there in the bureaucracy in pre-independent India.

When your own people scorn you,
When your own brothers doubt you,
When your own fraternity slaps you,
Believe it, believe it, believe it...
They are from bureaucracy...
For centuries, they have been trained to rule,
For decades, they have been trained to exploit,
For years, they have been trained to divide,
The society waits for the time to change...
When real heroes will come and embrace it...
When people will govern themselves...
When the dividing line will disappear...

I have often heard a story of a cub, which got reared with goats and forgot its real identity until one day a lion asked this cub to see its image in river water and challenged it to explore itself. I firmly believe that this is the story of my nation also. People need someone who can awaken them and make them realise their true potential. In a country of spine-less leaders, in a country where the self respect of every person is low, in a country, which was under subjugation for over two centuries and where the real freedom is yet to come, in a country, where people are experts only in finding faults with others, we invite you to emerge as the path-changers. The country is at a turning point. I am a part of Freedom Team of India- the movement which believes that true freedom is yet to come and we have to take initiatives for that. The youth are the hope of this freedom. When this freedom arrives, we shall again be the Sone-ki Chidiya (Sone ki Chidiya is a movement that firmly believes that India can again become sone-ki-chidiya by encouraging entrepreneurs and by adopting proper economic policies).

As a citizen, every one of us should prepare our own agenda and put it to the contestants. I have prepared my 10 point agenda for the parties and am waiting for someone to come and say that they will fulfill it.

My 10 Point agenda for elections are as follows;

1. There are a large number of government schemes; however, most people fail to get any benefit from these schemes (unless there is some middleman in the process). There should be complete transparency and digitalization of all the schemes with complete information of all essential documents on websites.

2. There are a large number of laws, which are often written in very difficult language. The lack of clarity causes sufferings for common people. These laws should be simplified, written in common language and reduced in size (in terms of words/pages) and digitalised so that they are accessible to every person.

3. The tax burden on common men needs to be reduced so that it doesn't pinch them and doesn't create a motivation to steal the taxes. There should not be an incentive for people to become experts in tax avoidance; rather there should be incentives to enable people to become researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists.

4. In spite of high technology, the land records have not yet been digitalised? Why? Why should a farmer pay bribe just to get his Jamabandi?

5. In spite of high technology, why haevn't the government departments adopted toll free numbers and tele-response systems?

6. In spite of guarantee of public services, most government departments don't process applications of common people within prescribed time. Why is there no penalty/action against these officers?

7. Almost all passport offices have long queues. Why not set up passport offices in smaller cities? Why not provide services like Voter ID and Aadhar Card also from the same offices? Why should there be such a complicated and non-responsive system for such common issues which confront every human being?

8. At each district level, there should be an officer, to whom any person can approach in case of inordinate delays by the government departments.
9. In the time of digitalisation, there should also be digitalisation of all government expenses, including expenses incurred by MPs, MLAs and other government office bearers.

10. The system of appointment of government officers, committees, chairmen, and various government/semi-government bodies should be made transparent.

Prepare yours also and present to the parties contesting the elections.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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