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Who is the culprit?

Most days are celebrated to mark something good or to mark a new beginning, but there is an exception. 22nd of April is Earth Day. It reminds us that one day we will kill our Earth due to our own policies and practices. With every new technology, we are dumping pollution, waste material and pressure on it. Do you have a plan for saving our planet, mother Earth? Every century brings additional challenges to this planet and increases its exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays.

The life span of mother Earth is threatened by its own native - the human being. Every apparatus that adds comfort to human existence adds equal discomfort to the Earth.
  • CO2 emissions are increasing at an alarming rate, average temperature is rising, glaciers are melting and forest cover is dwindling. Do you have a plan for saving our planet?
  • Do you have any strategy to combat the technologies that will add destruction to the planet? Do you have any alternative plan/technology/solutions?
  • Can you raise your voice against the policies of the government or the so called modern organizations?
Pondering these insolvable questions, I took a nap and reached another time in my dreams, where it is some 2100s and the world appears to be far more glamorous, but...

It is the world of 2100. The world is not celebrating, but worried about the beginning of destruction. Human being is one of the few species that has still survived on this planet. No human being can stand in sun rays. Oxygen, drinking water, organic food and pollution free earth are the most precious things. I am talking to my alter-soul, which is cursing me for the state of destruction. Everyone is busy in preparing technologies to save the mother Earth, but there seems to be no solution.

My alter soul shouts at me - "You could have stopped the destructive policies a century ago".

"How, I was just a professor... ".

"You could have opposed the policies of the government".

"My government was adopting good policies" - I asserted.
who is the culprit,earth day
"What was good in that?" I was confident enough to advocate my government: - "the government had subsidised diesel, fertilizers, and pesticides for farmers and...."

I was intercepted, "that was suicidal. Subsidizing fossil fuel, fertilizers and pesticides caused to increase CO2 emissions, harmful chemicals and pollution of ground water. Why didn't you oppose it? What were you doing?"

I was getting defensive- "We were promoting education. Modern educational institutions were encouraging the youth..."

I was one again intercepted... "All those so called modern organisations encouraged everyone to go for comfort only. Even children were taught in AC schools and were served refrigerated water"

"These were the rewards of technology" - I suggested

"No! Beginning of destruction, you have systematically destructed the mother Earth". - He again shouted, "Great technologies were allowed to disappear".

I had read about the R&D thrust of the government and its support to research institutions, so I could say about them - "No we didn't kill any great technology; our government supported all R&D work of research institutions which resulted in new technologies".

"An example to prove that you are wrong - Kumhar has disappeared from this planet. Has your government ever supported research to further develop his technologies or any initiative to support innovations at his front? His technologies were great technologies, because they were environment friendly. His technologies were discarded and refrigerator killed the possibilities for his survival. Do you want more examples?"

I was getting cornered- "Is that so? We thought that what the government was doing was right."
"That was the problem. You killed your self-managed Panchayats, self-managed Mohallas, self-regulated village economy and left everything to the government, which itself didn't know what to do? Centrally funded institutions and research centers killed the traditional technologies without developing any new sustainable technologies. Now you tell - who is the culprit?"

Meanwhile the Earth suffered another earthquake and I jittered out of my slumber to discover that I am still in 2014. Thank God it is 2014 only!

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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