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Changing World, Changing Minds

We all have made somebody our mentors; we love to have our own heroes whom we love to become like. Earlier it was just the Hollywood stars and Bollywood sitare who were having huge fan following. But now the time is changing, interests are getting different and so the people are. AAM janta have understood that in films the heroes are just filmi, and hence they are in search of real life heroes, like army soldiers, sportsmen, politicians, industrialists and business owners. As we have moved rapidly from industrial age to information age, most of us are curios to know more about these people and how they grew big in their lives. Due to influence of great leaders like Bill GatesRobert T. Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Steve jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani, Azim premji,  Mark Zuckerberg and many more, people are getting interested in knowing more about how to become rich and successful at a very young age just like these people.

Now, how did these people become rich?

Many people say - it was because of their hard work, strong dedication, luck, and they had money which they later used and became rich. In these reasons except two I believe in the rest of the two. There’s no doubt in hard work and dedication, but luck has no place when these two things already exist. And, they didn’t have money right from their early days.

Then how did it work?

The very first thing that these great people did was that they didn’t follow the way which all people follow - the common way. They chose the uncommon way. They chose to build their own empire, chose to follow and create their own way. They understood the difference –
Between working for others and working for oneself,
Between employment and self-employment,
Between following and leading.
Changing world, Changing minds, mentors,leadership
“Choose to become an employer than to be an employee” -Bill Gates

Now, it's very common that every boy or a girl who is into his/her school, college or post graduation has a dream of having a safe, secure and good paying job. They just think about the day of passing out and get into an interview to get a satisfying job. When somebody asks as to what is their dream or target in future, they say, ‘to achieve something big in life, both personally and financially, and want to become very rich’. And, when anyone asks about how will they do that, they say - 'by getting a good satisfying job.' That is where they are mistaken with the life ka funda. Till date, has any job satisfied any employee? Does any salary give satisfaction to any salaried person? As we know, there’s nobody on this planet who is a salaried person and feels very much satisfied, and in real terms, is very successful in his/her life. What we have seen is those people who opted self-employment or are entrepreneurs, or have started their own business, or have came out with different unique ideas is that they are the richest personalities of the world. The job mentality people always work hard without understanding the meaning of smart work and they always chase the pay raise. They always work for money giving very less importance for learning. As a result, they keep working for the money that they never get. They never understand the term 'money' briefly and have disbelief that if they work continuously hard, then they will become rich. This is quite illogical as just working hard cannot lead you to become rich.

Just the opposite, some people do not depend on their primary income (their job) and start generating some secondary income by doing businesses. And there are very few who believe in themselves and make their businesses as their primary/main source of income. These are the people who don’t work for money, they work to learn, which results later in money working for them and they not working for money. If you just look at Forbes list you will find the top names (500 and above) are the people who are either entrepreneurs or are business owners. These are the people who didn’t follow any job or work which could pay them. Instead, they followed their dreams and passions, and that’s why, today, people in masses are following them. There’s a great saying by Bill Gates- “Choose to become an employer than to be an employee.” Yes, very true lines if you really want to do very big in your life - want to be rich and famous at the same time with retirement at a very young age. Then, it's best to have your own business venture. Just think it, believe it and soon even you will be a leader and as usual there will be a huge mass of people who will follow YOU making you as their mentor and hero of their hearts.

“Don’t work for money, work to learn”, “The rich invent money” - Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Let’s see what the benefits of starting a business and becoming financially free are.

  • If you want to live a great life that average people wish to live.
  • If you have very big, strong and powerful dreams.
  • If you really want to live your life king size!
  • If you would not like to work for someone else you don’t know personally.
  • If you won’t like to work all your life with a very low pension plan in your last days after retirement. (Believe me, pensions are always low)
  • If you are not ready to help other people in making huge profits by selling your skills, ideas, creativity and talent at cheaper rates.
  • If you are not ready to work all your life, and if you want to live your life in a great way.
  • If you want to live and enjoy the standards of life, the luxuries that are present and are available around us.
  • If you want to be independent or self dependent.
  • If you want to balance money & time and use it in your way, your favour and not against you.
  • If you want to become wealthy (having both - money+time).
  • If you want respect, prestige, good life and comfort.
  • Finally, to become satisfied and happy with your life being spent in your last days.
  • You get satisfaction, fulfillment, peace of mind, security and a lot of confidence.

Secondarily, self-Employment, entrepreneurship, business owners are blessings, vardaan to a nation, especially, to a developing nation. Reason - they are job providers and are not job seekers. In a developing nation like ours you are always most welcome with huge respect when you come up with jobs. It helps a nation to grow economically. In modern times of information age (earlier it was industrial), it is important to understand the modern trends.
“Even if someone wins the Rat Race, he/she still lives the life like a Rat.” -Randy Gage

We will be accepting that with changing time we should change ourselves. And today it is time to understand the term entrepreneurship very carefully; otherwise in the long run we will find ourselves no-where. We have to leave our comfort level and have to enter the un-comfort level to explore ourselves. Just like everything is not hard, same as not everything is easy. We have to accept and have to understand the new things we face, happily. And that’s what we called Innovation- Thinking new and doing different from others. Creativity in nowadays exists where we start thinking beyond the limit where common people stops. Believe really believe and you will, whatever you want to achieve in your life.

India is moving through a very interesting phase, which is difficult and very important - the phase by which America has already moved some 40 years back successfully, which changed the country and helped it to become a developed nation. And, today, it is the superpower nation. The same phase we are in today. Whole world is staring at us to know how do we react to it and how well we shall perform. America is a developed nation because of its people; they are much more motivated than any other countrymen.

Now, Indians are also booming towards a new future. Today, Indians are entering their names on the "Richest people in the world" column. Minds are changing and so the people are.

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Abhijit Chakraborty
Abhijit Chakraborty is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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