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You LIVE or just EXIST

As I was just speaking to my mom today, she was telling me about her college days, the trend of professional courses then, opportunities, scope, so forth and so on. I was just visualizing how drastically things have changed, how more choices have opened up, how more and more streams have come up. Probably if we sit down to list the options we have today it goes on and on. Looking at the present scenario, I feel today’s youth are driven by boundless fields to choose from and have innumerable opportunities to explore their talents. The scope for exposure is also immense. But making a right choice is the most important thing.
Purpose of life
We’re living in a highly competitive world where in you can’t allow your past to bother you and hinder your growth. Time is the most precious thing. All of us eat, sleep, study or work, shop, spend time with friends & family, party, etc., - the daily routine. Yes, it’s just the daily routine that one can’t escape from. But, but, but, just hold on! Is that all what we are born on earth for?Above all these, do you think without having a purpose for this existence, life sounds interesting? Here is what I’m trying to tell, don’t just EXIST for the sake of existence or because you’ve got a life; LIVE your life as you’ve got just one!

As few say that “You get what you ask for” and “You get what you strongly believe!” I too believe the same. You can’t just keep waiting that one or the other day things will turn in your favour and opportunities will knock at your doorstep. It might at times; but not always. But if you could recall your childhood days and then your college days, you can always spot the differences. Few could be like how inhibition to ask gets deep rooted, consciousness about what the next person might think gradually develops. It might be because of the environment you are brought up in or the circle you are surrounded with. It's good to be matured as you grow but not right if that maturity is not allowing you to exhibit yourself at all. 
Few of the things that I’ve been able to understand till now is that, all of us are born here for a purpose. You would be unaware of it. Ultimately, it’s your life and you need to put efforts to succeed, you need to ASK what you want because no one can come and give you something by themselves. And one can never blame anyone for what they once never asked! Life is all about figuring out your purpose of birth. Henceforth, touch all the stones that you find on your way because you never know which stone could turn around your life and become your PURPOSE of LIFE!

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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