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It really matters a lot......!

It really matters a lot, direction
There’s something very beautiful that I happened to read somewhere which said, “You, at some point of times stop, but even at that time, the time never stops”. Isn’t that so well said? All of us , in fact, stop or tend to stop not just once, or twice or thrice but several times. But never does time stop. All that one need at that point of time is a pat on back or a hand to pull them back to where they paused to show them the direction where they were headed to. It’s a very common thing which happens with all of us; it’s a temporary thing. But what really matters is, if we could become that person who could give a helping hand for those who wanted yours at those crucial moments. The situation might be temporary, but the after effect of your crucial presence then would be immense.

Most of the times, we live in an illusion that to make someone happy it requires a lot of time and efforts and may be only mighty gifts can make them really happy. Not actually! Happiness lies in small things and through simple acts of caring, one can really touch a person’s heart. Like a quote that says, “Simple acts of caring, creates waves of endless ripples”. It’s a very simple thought if you could understand the depth in it. Materialistic gifts can bring happiness that can last only until their shelf life. But simple acts of caring and love can light up their lives forever.
Happiness is when you help an old lady when she is striving hard to cross a busy road, it is in sharing your share of food with someone who is in hunger, it is in buying a toffee or an icecream for a little kid on a road who is asking or crying badly for it or even when you gift your best friend with the smallest but the prettiest handmade gift. Happiness at home is when your mom simply massages your forehead smoothly when you are stressed out and when you prepare a cup of hot coffee when your dad or mom returns back home after a tireful day. What do all these take? A little bit of your time and patience. If I think, what did it take for me to put these things on to a paper? It all took me a bit of time to think and patience to write. What ultimately matters is how much of time and life you have truly put in building up something you really wanted to see! Truly you get the fruits of what you once planted but always nurtured!:)

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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