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PEOPLE HOOD - Living Akin, Learning Differently

Everyone born on this planet has a positive attribute irrespective of all the drawbacks. S/he has to just find the right learning style to discover the diamond in oneself
Launched on our day of birth, we are delivered into the human race, each of us having joined the people hood association. We live akin having basic nutritional needs for health, growth and survival. Yet, unequal “nutrient” measures are required for our individual learning stimulus and potential mind development. Particular learning styles can be as distinct as our bodies, personalities, preferences and capabilities. I live with capabilities despite Attention Deficit Disorder and dyslexia.

We are all equipped to learn as we grow, but sometimes we cannot advance as per certain teaching methods. Everyone possesses adequacies—like definitive fingerprints—those distinguished abilities must be fostered. Since our human bodies are not resembled exactly alike, not even identical twins, it makes sense that our human minds are assembled differently as well. Consider various character traits and personal likes and dislikes that people have for foods, hobbies, clothes, music, literature.... Perceptions of our environment differ, it’s obvious, our homes reflect our individualism as well as the artistic creations we savour.

Although inter mutual similarities form assemblages, those groups consist of personal contributions. Creative-minded artists orchestrate the vast entertainment industry with unique styles; actors, comedians, musicians.... Interior decorators have diverse flair; writers, their own voice...while other faculties include a range of technicians, lawyers, scientists; foods industry.... all an asset to their field. Point made, I’m sure, saying that people hood is balanced out by a plethora of talents and specific contributions which make up divergent categories in societal links. Speculate, though. Does everybody learn in the same manner to find their niche?
People HOOD
If absolutely everyone could learn the way s/he thinks, if you will, imagine the productivity and confidence within each person. There were/are individuals so unique in their thinking that, “Eureka!” and mind-blowing concepts continue to be developed; lifesaving medication and technology, communication devices, travel modes... just to mention a few. Diverse-thinking historical figures pushed against the grain to be taken seriously, and prevailed. Some are gone, yet their outstanding contributions, not forgotten.

The five senses contribute significantly to our learning, and more fundamentally, our individual impressions of what we’re sensing react to convey information about our environment and produce thoughts constantly. Perhaps, we take our sight, hearing, tactile sensitivities, olfactory glands and taste buds for granted, but still, without the five sensations, touch being the most important, human contact would be deficient in gratifying communication encounters. People who are lacking one or more of the five senses have heightened awareness of their existing senses and learned to utilize their abilities. When an individual has one or more learning differences or disabilities, his/her ability in another area or areas is accentuated and those proficiencies should be encouraged and promoted. But for several reasons, this does not usually happen.

Numerous students are stressed in a world of do-it-or-fail. But if students’ learning styles, talents and strengths were recognized and given precedence over whole curriculum styles which enhance students’ particular weaknesses, perhaps, everyone would love school. Frustrated students can attest to the width of curriculum cracks they’re slipping through. I fell though and dropped out. Yet, as an adult I finished school majoring in English with an average of 95%. 

Nonetheless, LDs are finally being recognized as an alternative learning style. Our world is beginning to realize an ancient truth: people have individual, unique minds. LD strengths are noticed and commended more than before. Children and adults alike now have the opportunity for equal rights in their education.

Adults, listen, be encouraged if you learn differently than others, whether you’re young or matured. It’s special to be in the minority because LD persons, past and present, have contributed greatly to society. Google famous LD people and see for yourself. Our passionate interests are most usually indicative of our natural gifts and talents. Explore yourself. Your success will still require time, effort and practice, as with anyone else, regardless of learning style, so pursue what you feel you are good at.
Myself, I think and do differently, and it’s not always easy to find passage in the sea with my learning-style compass. It takes patient navigating, but with a ship constructed of diligence, and even courage, I have sailed into a The world!—she’s a-round! discovery of reachable, fulfilling writing accomplishments. If I can do sail the LD sea with waves of ADD and dyslexia, trust me, you can too.  

Embark upon your journey. Pack unlimited positive attitude supplies and claim your discovery. A precious diamond is first hidden in a lump of hard, black coal, and when uncovered, it’s worth something. Remember that!

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