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The Simplicity in Happiness and Success

When you envision success, what do you think of? What is your definition of happiness?

The desire to pave your own path to success is a desire that requires a lot of self motivation. Every once and a while, however, to look for some inspiration, we look at those who have succeeded before us. It is only fitting that we borrow a few techniques from those who have paved the way before us, regardless of the field of their work and ambitions. 

"But how can I be like the celebrities and the stars? I don't have the money that they have.." You might say, realizing it is a bit discouraging that you aren't blessed with the money/opportunities that people of higher prestige in today's society are. But there is something important to be borrowed from every successful person, believe it or not.
The Simplicity in Happiness and Success
For example, I was astounded to figure out how Hip-hop/Pop Mogul Pharrell Williams has kept his pristine skin, devoid of age, for almost 20 years. At age 41, he looks like he might still get carded at a bar. I thought, "Man, he must pay top dollar for the best skin treatment in all of Hollywood."

Well, it turns out that I was wrong.

An article I read earlier last year, likely a beauty/pop culture magazine, said that in an interview with Pharrell, he claims to use no such beauty products on his face. Instead, the only thing he does to keep his skin shining is wash his face with cold water twice a day, right before and right after sleeping. That surprised me because in today's society with all the top notch products available, it just didn't seem plausible for Pharrell to be so conservative with his money and practise something so simple every day. 

But that is one of the things that reminded me that there is simplicity in success. Take another example - Stephen Curry, a skinny kid out of North Carolina, once thought "too small" to even compete in the NBA, who now plays for the best team in the league and is a candidate for MVP. What is most amazing about his game is his jump shot. Viewers wonder how he makes the shots he makes, but as a basketball player myself, I can tell you, it's simple. He got into a gym every day growing up, and practiced that jumpshot. There's nothing more to it. Yes, there are other facets of his gameplay that required tedious work, that's true. But to perfect that jumpshot, he was consistent in practising it every day, constant repitition until it was right. And he's made a career out of that simple practice. 

Do not think that the road to happiness and success is a rigorous road full of turmoil and distress. It will only be that way if you make it so. Happiness is a state of mind that is born in oneself early on, and is sustained in many ways. Yes, there will be trying times in trying to achieve your goals, but you are prepared for them. Now you know that practising a simple routine consistently can compliment your drive. If you're an aspiring writer, read more. If you want to keep your mind sharp, add in little activities to your daily routine like a crossword puzzle or sudoku. And when you get to where you think you want to be, continue on with these habits. 

The road is paved for you, but consistent work is required. It is safe to say no one ever made it where they wanted to be with inconsistent behavior and bad habits. Maintain a lifestyle so routine that it becomes ingrained in who you are. You will find solace and happiness knowing that if you can consistently practise a small task, you can consistently practise great ones as well.

It's Simple!

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Francis Kilinski
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