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Aakrithi 2015

EWIT is a pioneer in education for nearly a decade offering major professional courses through its college at its sprawling campus in Bangalore.
Aakrithi 2015, EWIT Bangalore
EWIT is nested in the divine locale of Vishwaneedam post, Anjananagar, Bangalore. It boasts of a unique campus filled with lush greenery aesthetically designed architecture dotting its huge campus of 20 acres, which has students from all over the globe.

EWIT moving into a new decade, is celebrating its 14th Annual Day in the name of “AAKRITHI”, which depicts a sculpture- a legendary shape famous for its escaped enigma. Aakrithi plans to reach out to at least 25 colleges in Bangalore. It is held on 24th and 25th of April every year.

AAKRITHI- the cultural fest of EWIT is one of the best fests and it this brings the entire college together. The fest which started as an event taken up by a single branch every year is now organised by students from all the branches. Six students of pre-final year B.E from each branch are selected and put into a core team which takes the initiative and responsibility of organising the fest under the guidance of final year students, and the second year students will be coordinators.

This hierarchy, not only is organised but is also the reason behind the entire college being one family of EWIT. Moving into the events conducted, the all time favourite event is “BATTLE OF BRANCHES”. It is an exciting event where each branch is given 30 minutes of time for entertaining and is judged based on its theme. Every year also sees an introduction of a new event, and this time it being -“FAST FIVE”.
The organisers are all excited and working hard towards making it a grand success like it has been from its year of origin promising a grand event. All the students from different colleges are welcome to be a part of this grand occaison of EWIT!

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