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Each One Teach One - Sharing is Caring

In 1983, Mrs. Jyoti Tanna saw 5 small children with their school bags outside her house washing cars. She asked them as to why were they not going to school. The answer they gave touched Mrs. Tanna. They replied saying that when they go to school the teachers scold and beat them as they do not have books and clean uniforms. When they inform their parents about their needs parents beat them as they have no money to buy the necessary materials. Hence the children spend time on the road washing cars, earning some money and eating food given by the people staying in Mrs. Tanna’s Society. This sowed the seeds in the mind of Mrs. Tanna, 31 years back, where she initiated to support the children by providing them food, books and uniform which would enable them to attend the school. Thus she became Jyoti Didi from Mrs. Tanna.

“Each One Teach one works on the principle of imbibing values in the minds of the children attending our Remedial Classes. We also provide the school with an overall development opportunity. We take care of the nutritional support by giving them healthy snacks,” mentions Hema Raney, CEO of EOTO.

Initially, when EOTO came up we aimed to enrich the lives of the needy children in urban slums by providing food and basic needs to attend the school. Now the ultimate goal of EOTO was to provide the underprivileged children with an opportunity to discover their inbuilt potential, enabling them to take up responsibilities and challenges in life.

Each One Teach One - Sharing is Caring.
Initially, when Mrs. Tanna started the support program her friends and relatives contributed to help her achieve the needs. Later, the company was recognised by some donors through the word of mouth and the donations started pouring in. EOTO faced a lot of trouble gathering funds and managing to get the necessary support for the needy children.

The first fundraising activity started when EOTO entered its Silver Jubilee Year and they wished to initiate some new projects to reach out to a larger group of needy students. The intended projects included a mobile library in Palghar area and the adoption of a new school. The projects enabled them to provide quality education to the underprivileged tribal students in the rural areas.

Thereafter, they did Fundraising in 2011, 2012 and 2013 to support the vocational centre in rural areas. Now EOTO is exploring the opportunity of Vocational Training and skill development for their Alumni and existing students. “This will definitely lead the organization on a higher level. The future plan of EOTO is to grow extensively in the rural areas where the need is for an overall development in the livelihood. We have to bridge the gap between two sectors of people and change their understanding and boost their morale,” says Hema.

In the urban areas EOTO will be comprehensively concentrating on skill development and vocational guidance enabling each child to earn a respectful livelihood. After a series of work resulting in some success stories their work started speaking louder. “We explored the opportunity of fund raising, and today, people approach us thorough internet, newsletters, friends, colleagues and ex-students,” narrates Hema Raney.

In today’s fast track world we are unable to find an opportunity to serve or give back to the society. When a visitor comes at EOTO to meet the children as a volunteer or a donor they are greeted well, heard attentively and thanked whole-heartedly for the difference they are making in the lives of the underprivileged children. This process boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of worthiness in the field of philanthropy.

“Most of the children come from environments that are emotionally and psychologically weak. They need to be approached and directed with care. While working with children for overall development we had to attend to several ventures like keeping them away from Drugs and alcohol, teaching cleanliness, eating habits, language and communication skills and many more,” says Hema.

On looking back, from 5 students, today, we've touched the lives of over 10,000 students in the field of education and overall development.

  1. 100% passing result in SSC for the years 2008 and 2009 as compared to less than 50% for municipal schools
  2. Dropout rate reduced to 1% v/s 45% as per the last Indian Literacy statistics
  3. 10 students securing distinction and 20 students securing first class in SSC exam 2010
  4. Recognized awards for EOTO in past 10 years – most recent being the coveted Lakshya ‘10 from NITIE.
Some of the memorable encounters with the students at the NGO which Hema Raney shares:

  1. Pranita Dherange from New Sion Municipal School scored 93% marks in SSC exam 2010 and stood first among the girl students studying in Mumbai municipal schools.
  2. Umesh Jogale, a student from Ghatkopar School stood fourth among all BMC students by scoring 90.73% marks in the SSC exam held in March, 2011.
  3. Chaitali Kalwankar from Ghatkopar School, topped the girl students in municipal schools in SSC exam 2013.
  4. Vinayak Ramane cleared entrance exam of the renowned J.J. School of Arts and came 23rd all over India ranking.
  5. Students pursuing higher education in Engineering, Medical, Chartered Accountancy and many more...
  1. Students securing Scholarships from BCPT & Merck Limited.
  2. Sanofi conducted an inter-NGO quiz programme at Andheri office. This gave our students an opportunity to showcase their mental ability and answering general questions and answers.
  3. Concern India Foundation also conducted a drawing competition with Credit Suisse business India Pvt Ltd. which brought out the hidden talent in children.
  4. Concern India Foundation with Johnson tiles awarded our students Discipline and Cleanliness Award
  5. Tata Motors Felicitated our Toppers under their CSR Vidyadhanam project.
  6. Concern India Foundation gave the Best March Fast Award to our students in the Khel Khel Mein Program.
After the last 31 years of incursions, now EOTO is recognised globally for the overall development of the underprivileged children. Many Corporate organizations have partnered with the organization for their CSR activities and are successfully continuing. “Many employees from the corporate sectors enrol with EOTO through the website and choose our medium to give back to the society. We have a base of continued donors and well-wishers who pray and donate for our noble cause, thus making our project sustainable. BMC has supported us in the development of the children and has enabled us to function smoothly in their premises,” she mentions.

Parents who were refraining themselves earlier are now willingly coming forward and understanding the need as to why we are working with their children and how we are creating a difference in changing their children’s livelihood.

“SHARING IS CARING” is a strong belief in the team at EOTO, where they share an opportunity with youngsters and others come and share in the form of TIME, TALENT or DONATION.

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