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Helping Hand - Impacts 40 kids and targets for 300!

After some extremely mind blowing football matches at OSCAR, there is a time to celebrate their victory. These truly amazing football players of OSCAR are much fortunate to get mentors like Mr. Ashok Shankar Rathod, Suraj Patro and some Young Leaders who not only make them play to their best but also turn all the best cards on table for them.

This victorious event was celebrated in a very special way which would not only benefit the children but also spread happiness among the one who helps!! A new idea was born and implemented with the name Helping Hand.

This project focuses on the neediest children living in the slums and playing football with OSCAR. “Under this genuinely helpful project, we came up with 40 such children whose families aren’t rich enough to consider their nutrition or families where girl child doesn’t get much opportunities,” says Mr. Ashok Rathod.
OSCAR Foundation
To support these 40 needy children, an initiative was taken up by Mr. Atul Gupta and his wife Mrs. Anisha Gupta to come up with 40 people who could contribute an amount of Rs.500 per month to this project of Helping Hand which would then be divided into three categories which can actually fulfill the needs of these children to a good extent.

The three categories and the amount allotted to them are as follows:

The project’s first celebration was a success when all the 40 children were taken to McDonald's. The children had fun playing games and meeting the contributing volunteers. The children were also provided with a T-shirt having their names on the back. This idea of T-shirts also makes it easier for all the contributors to recall their names and address them with the same. This also inculcates the feeling of oneness amongst the children and the volunteers.

This project will not only help the children but also motivate their parents to support them and encourage their children to step up in the field that they have chosen. “We will be conducting different events once a month with these 40 children and 40 volunteers for a year and we hope to impact many more lives by taking in more such needy kids and helping them fulfill their needs, specially, the nutrition and the need to excel at sports,” narrates Mr. Ashok.
“The best part I feel about Helping Hand is that the volunteers are educated and qualified professionals which will help the children to bridge the gap of essential knowledge by interacting with them every month. We all hope to change lives together.”- Ashok Shankar Rathod.

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