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Darkness is the only light

If ever you have been through a tough journey of life,
You would have felt “darkness is the only light”
As it hides, every emotion from sight;
Crushing the feelings in you tight.
Darkness is the only light
Silence becomes your only action,
Where your thoughts are into continuous motion,
Failing to take right action on the pertaining situation,
And deeply we scream aloud seeking the right direction.

As life diverts from one direction to other;
We forget lessons learnt from previous chapter,
That time is the best solution forever;
And other things fade as it goes forward.

It’s difficult to stay calm and stress free in this time period,
But, overcome it being stronger than ever;
As it’s the best tool to come out of peer pressure,
And that is the only light that is so bright for our future.

This phase of life acts as the teacher of right,
As it’s the bitter source of taste, before every sweeter bite;
A rollercoaster journey from plight to magical height…
And that shining star that we see in the darkest new moon light!

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Jeevitha DM
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