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She is my life, She is my wife

Every time she scatters my heart
But, she does not cognizant of it at all,
Either I am too paranoid
Or she is callous,
Let it be owing to any reason,
Any impulse or urge,
But it creates a suffering in my heart
She is my life
Every time she confers,
She is not oblivious to its effects,
Her words pierce in my heart like a spear,
Either she does it consciously or
I am too conscious about what she speaks,
Let it be owing to any reason,
Any impulse or urge,
But it creates a suffering in my heart.

Every time she insists on
What I do not like
Or I do not like
What she insists on,
Let it be owing to any reason,
Any impulse or urge,
But it creates a suffering in my heart.

May be there is difference in our thoughts,
May be there is difference in our likes and dislikes,
But, when I think of bequeathing her
Or living without her,
My heart stops to beat,
My breath gets stuck in one way,
My brain ceases to work,
Yes, every time she creates pain in my heart,
But, she keeps me alive,
Without her, I am dead,
Without her, I am lifeless,
Without her, there is no hope in my life,
She is my life,
She is my wife.

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