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The rising and The setting sun

The sun when rises enlightens the whole world with a new hope to our lives....
Rises from the low east, shines bright and slowly spreading various colours to the day teaches a new lesson of life.....!!!
Rising and Setting Sun
Making the morning bright and full of life ....
Lovely evening with wonderful sunset is delightful and quite!!!

The sounds of cock as the sun rises wakes us up to rush for work...
The chirping birds sound like an alarm for the time when sun sets escorting to a pleasant evening where the moon is the only light at night!!!

If the sunrise brings a new day to the world.....
It has to set to rise again to a new height, to rejoice our lives!!!

As every night brings with it a hope of a new day and a new life!!!

When you go to the lowest level in your life and find yourself nowhere... then it's an indication that you are going to rise up to a very high level soon!!!
This is possible when you face all the difficulties, overcome them and push yourself up with your hardwork....!!!!

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