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12 Reasons Why Youth Are Thrilled To Be A Part Of i3

12 reasons why youth are thrilled to be a part of i3!
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i3 - Influence Inspire Impact : The most revolutionary platform that is transforming lives of lots of youth across India today. i3 envisions to spread across different countries in the coming years!

Check out the reasons why youth are going crazy about i3:

1. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Interact, Network & Learn from the Industry Experts, Achievers, Entrepreneurs & Celebrities from diverse professions.

While the whole world is busy chasing them, i3 delegates are blessed to have them coming down to their city and sharing their success stories.(Counselors are invited from diverse professions like Cricket, Fashion, Food, Entrepreneurial background,Technocrats,etc., from across the globe).

2. Opportunity to Innovate & Execute projects

Youth get a chance to innovate the solutions for the existing problems as they come up with Projects that IMPACT the society in a positive direction. This becomes their step towards their journey of Entrepreneurship.
12 reasons why youth are thrilled to be a part of i3!
3. Mentoring from world-class Mentors

Mentors who are well qualified, who have gone through struggles of life and have tasted success and failure take up the responsibility of mentoring the i3 delegates. They are achievers in their lives and know the way to nurture leaders. They have the experience of leading thousands of people from various walks of life.

4. Chance to be with Like minded positive people

Network of the most positive youth from different colleges of the city and from different cities of the country, all under one roof! You are no more alone; positive force of youth from across the country is with YOU to support you!

5. To overcome FEAR, excel in your communication skills and to improve your skill-sets

According to the latest survey, 85% of the youth who are unemployed are unemployed NOT because of lack of marks in academics but because of LACK OF SKILLS that corporate/industry expects. Tons of youth have lost fear on-stage as well as off-stage and have become excellent in their skill-sets because of i3 and that's the reason why they love it!

6. Exploring internship opportunities

Delegates get numerous opportunities to do internships (technical, non-technical, management, sales & marketing, accounting, finance etc.,). Lot of previous i3 delegates have got placed too after their internships!

7. International level conferences and regular doses of motivation

You are encouraged,motivated and directed every single week! The inspiration or motivation doesn't happen by showcasing motivational/inspirational videos or by telling the stories of highly successful individuals. The raw inspiration is conveyed through the real life stories of the counsellors narrated by themselves who are young achievers and have hit the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journies.

8. Platform to achieve your dreams and accomplish things in life what you always dreamt of...

Every dream needs a path to be accomplished. There are many who don't even have dreams. The i3 conferences presents the real dreamers and the dream achievers in front of the youth which triggers a lot of dreams in them. The live examples of the counsellors serve as the paths to accomplish many dreams. The guidance provided by mentors acts as a great weapon for the i3 delegates to achieve their dreams at a higher pace in lesser time.
12 reasons why youth are thrilled to be a part of i3!
9. Cost Effective! Small price & BiG take-away..

Students in any part of the world can afford it at ease because if they want to attend other International conferences, it costs them in lakhs of rupees. i3 is in huge demand in some of the developing nations of the globe like India, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, etc., due to its easy affordability factor. i3 is a student friendly platform, and hence, it hardly comes to Rs.700/week or Rs.100/day which otherwise anyways will be spent in coffee shops or movies!

10. Smiles on a less privileged person's face because of YOU! A Deed which you always wanted to DO.

A chance to do our bit of service to the society. Delegates execute social projects! Dozens of youth have come back sharing that, "nothing has given them the satisfaction as much as serving people gave!"

11. Making PARENTS feel PROUD because of your Achievements...

A tinge of happiest tears in parents' eyes can make the whole efforts worth it! That's what a lot of youth who were not responsible earlier went on to become responsible and show the world and their parents what their true potential was... Some of the heart touching moments in i3 involved not just parents, but even grand parents were proud!!
12. Fun, Excitement and Celebrations

i3 is full of energy. Fun Unlimited! You can feel the excitement in the air. And, more importantly, i3 teaches the art to CELEBRATE LIFE!!!

For more Info about i3 visit www.iuites.org | www.facebook.com/i3Official

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