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iU Cares Foundation spreads awareness about OHH

 Oral Health and Hygiene
When the whole world starts to think of something inspiring on the World Inspiration Day, the super active 20 students happened to cast a spell of spreading awareness about Oral Health and Hygiene (OHH). OHH is initiated by Ms Akshari Anchan, who has completed her Dental degree from Mangalore. The idea was born just a year ago with a vision to help people with oral health and spreading the awareness in order to curb the diseases caused. OHH having acquired the right people around it along with iUCares Foundation under which the project is executed, the Indian Association of Dental Medical Sciences is expected to collaborate in the coming times.

Starting with the preparation on 16th April, 2015 to impact lives the oral way, these 20 students from Bangalore age ranging from 16 to 24, entered the slum of JDMara and spread in all directions to spread this awareness to the largest number of people living there. Not only did they acknowledge them about Oral Health and its effects but also provided a ‘123 Oral Health Kit’. Each such kit contained one toothpaste, two tongue cleaners and three brushes. Such approximately 200 kits were prepared by these 20 young leaders and distributed.

For the kits to be arranged, these volunteers scattered everywhere in search of Medical Stores. Sharing about the vision and purpose of the project they were provided with the required toiletry. The OHH project was taken up in Mumbai too.

These volunteers by scattering in the slums went to every house and shared basic knowledge of how to use the kit and introduced about Oral Health and Hygiene. And the respectful and happy feedback received from the people of slum was incredible hearing which smiles spread across the JD Mara Slum. This was Inspirational in the real sense and the best way one could celebrate World Inspiration Day.

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IJ Anita Tejwani
IJ Anita Tejwani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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