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Let's know the unknowns

As we had discussed couple of days back about the unknowns during the college life, it’s time to discover the paths to uncover the wrapper around these unknowns and understand the required stuff while pursuing the college phase of life. Many times we know the destinations to reach but we are unaware of the path to reach and that is what all of us try to explore. Some of the paths that I have explored are what I would want to share with my dear readers. There will definitely be other ways of uncovering the unknowns discussed earlier. If you can find them on your own, feel free to share with more youngsters. Let’s jump into the solutions for the 5 unknowns now;

1. Syllabus - It’s very important to go through the syllabus copy much before you start your college’s semester. This gives a clear picture of how much in-depth knowledge would we be exploring about a certain subject. Go through the list of textbooks and reference books prescribed and make sure you have them in your home library well before the college starts. You don’t pay your college fees to write exams, you pay to learn. So, better learn the entire syllabus irrespective of how much portions is completed in the college.
Know the Unknown
2. The right people - You go to college with an objective and that is to study and learn the education that shall form the foundation of your career which shall feed your future. Any person who is trying to shift your focus away from this objective is not the right person to hang out with. If you can eliminate such circle of friends then you shall remain with the right set of people for sure.

3. Fears to conquer - Learning a subject and writing answers is a skill that doesn’t have a second person dependency. You can do it, learn it and master it at any point of time. The fears that we have are those when there is a second party dependency. The only solution of fear is to face the fear. Go ahead and stand in front of the situation that scares you a lot. The worst thing that can happen is death and that won’t happen in the situation you’re afraid of. Facing the situation itself shall vanish away all the fears irrespective of the results.

4. Skills to develop - Speaking on a stage has audience or judges as the second party, communication skills or networking skills or management skills development involve a lot of people. Such cases can only be faced fearlessly when you get used to doing them again and again instead of reading on how to learn/master these skills. Detach yourself from the kind of responses you receive. Some might be good, some might be bad. More the repetition closer you shall get to reach the perfection.
5. Real world’s expectations - It’s always better to ask the experienced than relying on mere anticipations of friends’ dialogue. A lot of generations have already passed out of college. It’s better to discuss with them and get to understand what parents expect out of a graduate. It’s better to learn from your seniors working in companies about what the boss expects out of an employee. Such expectations are never written in a text book. You need to ask people to find the real truth.

Hope the above solutions can help everyone who reads this write-up in some way or the other. Please feel free to share them with your friends if you’ve found these useful.

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Mohan BN
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