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The VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!

If YOU have a TRAIL that has a STORY then the world must BUCKET it & be WOWed!

In the era of super fast cars, brilliant apps, big data, smaller chips, faster data speeds and fast paced lives, adVENTure has become one word that aligns with life styles of many irrespective of their involvement with adventure sports. The more we get tuned to a feeling the more the things around that seem to attract our attention and then our involvement and so is the case with adventure. 

I have been observing the no of people who are shifting their focus to involving into adVENTure sports, tours and trips & this is increasing by the day. AdVENTure tour operators have been recording increasing no of people involving year after year. While the google earth and satellite view of earth have helped us access all places from one location leaving to us no surprise on the look and feel of the place but the kick in being somewhere can never be replaced by technological view of the place.

What am driving this piece of writeup towards is that more and more people are inspired by the day to engage into things that are adventurous. Jargons like “adrenaline Kick!”, “Face it!”, “screw it! let’s do it!”, “this is adventurous” have caught the tongues of most. Adventure has many faces and effects including being a reason to kill stress for many, marking historic memories for others and forgetting past for quite a few of the rest. Sky dives, road trips, under waters, hikes, marathons all have their share of increase in popularity.
The VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!, road trips, adrenaline kick
I recently have had my first experience into doing something very very adventurous besides being involved in taking multiple risks at many stages in business life which have surely given me a thoroughly adventurous experience each time. I went on a 5000KMs* Drive across the country which changed the perspective of life I had and brought me to a whole new dimension of Self-Leadership. I always dreamt of seeing the world by road travel as much as possible because that’s a way to getting a very close view of the expanse of the planet and experiencing the richness of its feel.

In such times the birth of this phenomenal idea of Mark Your Trails, founded by Mr Chetan Yallapurkar, is only a precise example of how much every adVENTure has the capacity to teach and how much every story of every trail marked has the capacity to inspire more adVENTure in the world.

Every adventurer has a lot he/she wishes to share after a trip/tour/adventure experience in ways he/she can. Some do it by writing, some by speaking, some by helping more people experience the same, some by doing it over and over again and some by beating their records of adrenaline level they achieve each time. This platform is a near-to-perfect place for one to share his trail with loads of pictures, mark the points of trail on the Google Maps API the platform has integrated, share the blog/story right there and shout out to social media. It has more to it; it allows other people to “WoW” Your Trail (as against the LIKE of FB or Favourite option of Twitter) and add it to their “Bucket List” to do it at a later point of time.

The VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!, road trips, adrenaline kickThe VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!, road trips, adrenaline kickThe VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!, road trips, adrenaline kickThe VENT for adVENTure lovers is here - MarkYourTrails!, road trips, adrenaline kick
I believe it’s an opportune time for a platform like this to come into existence and be the partner of every adventurer on their trail to make their stories unforgettable and on their behalf help inspiration of their trail reach millions of others. 
Life is just once and in itself the most adventurous trail you will ever LIVE. Mark Your Trails is going to be one of the best friends you will have on every single adventure trips/tours/sports you plan to go for, or experience, in the super set of all adventures called LIFE. 

I have begun marking my trails - HAVE YOU?

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