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Inner engineering - The Process of Creating Inner Self

All of us go through phases when we have multiple thoughts - sometime positive and at times, negative. Here are the secrets to increase the positivity in our inner selves and to win over our negative thoughts. Read on to learn the Inner Engineering!
There are several badges or identification given to this process of connecting to your deeper soul; some may call it Yoga, while others may call it holistic science, self-improvement or inner engineering. Inner engineering is a process of finding the required balance between the challenges of your day to day life and inner longing for well being and peace through Yoga or meditation practices. Yoga holistically has a broad meaning of connecting the self with God. The word comes from the Sanskrit term “Yog” meaning addition, the addition between the self and God. The process is synonymous with process of connecting to the deeper soul. The deeper soul, on the other hand, is where the supreme entity rests.
Inner engineering
One of the most important step one should take in order to achieve one’s greatest potential is to learn to monitor his/her thoughts and take charge of his/her emotions through the combination of technologies and methods derived from the ancient science of Yoga. Yoga, fundamentally, is the process of mind control where, the mind is trained to divert from mundane material thoughts, being steady on a single direction. Thoughts are the triggering element for emotions, which in return triggers our physical actions. It is impossible for the mind to be idle. It is a medically proven fact that the mind remains active even when the body is not. In fact, our brain is more active when we sleep. Thoughts emanated in the brain are the prime motivations of our actions. Therefore, by controlling thoughts, one can control his/her actions.

Like any other computer, Human brain can also be programmed. It is up to you, how you are programming it. The communication which happens inside you is the software which programs your attitude, and determines how you present yourself to the world around you. Thus, it is very important to keep yourself positive towards life which reflects in your personality and directly gives a positive impact into your life. This positive state of mind and self-awareness is achieved through the process called inner engineering, which is also known as distilled essence of Yoga or meditation.

While highlighting the value of being self-aware, I would also like to talk about the consequences of not being self-aware. The choice is in our hands depending upon the outcomes we seek, and how zealously we devote our time to calm our mind and connect to our inner self. The difference between being aware and not aware about the self is the realization of our inner knowledge, the idea of our personality, values, morals and the unique aspects that define us. Being aware of the self-help to mold our thoughts in the most amicable way; helping us to program the software according to our needs and priority. This forms our psyche, the framework of our inner self, determining our outer self. Our outer self-comprises of our behavior, choice of words and attitudes that interacts with the tangible world. Self-awareness assists to give the best shape to the outer self.

Through self-awareness or through the deeper connection to our inner self, we can alter the negative emotions, because we become in-charge of our brain work. Self-awareness, assist our thoughts to grow in the positive direction for the betterment of our self. Positive thoughts produce positive emotions, which impacts to reduce the negativeness in us. This creates a positive environment converting everything that we come in contact with better and favorable features. The inner self, in this case, is on tandem with the outer self, making us to behave in a positive way and react emphatically even in adverse situations. This creates a determination in us to do well, and give out our best in whatever we do.

Self-observation or awareness immensely shifts our brain functioning. It helps us to activate our self-regulating neo cortical regions which grant us immense control over our feelings and emotions. Through the regular practice of inner engineering, we strengthen our emotional resilience and our rationality. Inner engineering helps us to replenish our inner self and grow stronger from within. It is the process through which we build up self-confidence within ourselves. While, on the other hand, due to lack of self-awareness, our thoughts and actions become too impulsive, and our frequent reactions on actions without making the conscious choices become instinctively frustrating. Later on, our prefrontal cortex brain resolves this by forming explanations for our frustration or irrational behavior and by re-writing in our memories through memory re-consolidation making us believe that we are in control of our actions. This process leaves most of our negative emotions unresolved and ready to burst up anytime. This process becomes constant fuel to our excessive frustration and confusion as our prefrontal cortex brain keeps trying to justify the reason of our irrational behavior.

Hence, instead of pushing the negative thoughts or reasons of your irrational behavior inside your heart and soul, they should be pushed out through regular and rigorous practice of Yoga or meditation, a form of Inner Engineering.

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