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You can have peace of mind that your home will be fully protected 24/7

Interview with Wendy Toth is Vice President Marketing of Ayla Networks
Wendy Toth is Vice President Marketing of Ayla Networks (https://www.aylanetworks.com/), using the most reliable and secure communications, advanced tamper-resistant technology and 24/7 system integrity monitoring, you can have peace of mind that your home will be fully protected 24/7.
Wendy Toth
Where is the value in data, and is it being maximised?

While many others talk about the value of data from the end users’ perspective, Ayla Networks focuses more on the value of data to the manufacturers of connected products within a smart home environment. While leveraging the data from connected products has a long way to go before it’s maximized, knowing how customers actually use connected products in real-world situations enables capabilities such as:

Creating a product development and performance feedback loop that allows manufacturers to iterate their products more quickly and effectively, based on data from actual customer usage—to know what features are being used, which are not, and what capabilities manufacturers can add to enhance the value of their products with their customers

Structuring more flexible and effective warranty and extended service & support programs that benefit both manufacturers and end users

Providing preventive or more timely maintenance based on connected products communicating directly with manufacturers, dealers, or service technicians about when a part needs replacement or repair, or when other problems have arisen or are soon to arise

Enabling faster and more efficient recurring services such as replacing the chemicals in water softeners or the filters in whole-house vacuum system

Integrating with third-party data streams, such as weather reports, to enhance the capabilities of smart home systems ranging from sprinklers to thermostats

Who is benefiting from the value in data?

The value in data is just beginning to benefit manufacturers and end users. As IoT connected smart home products increasingly integrate into interconnected smart home systems, the value of data will continue to increase to everyone involved in the smart home ecosystem.

Adding extra value to the product or service with data analytics

Data analytic is the means by which manufacturers can turn the raw data generated by their connected products into the actionable business intelligence that will allow them to iterate and enhance their products and services.

Staying one step ahead of the customer

The goal is not so much staying one step ahead of the customer as it is to tap into real-world end-user needs and wants, as demonstrated through their real-world usage of connected smart home products. In this way, manufacturers can provide the features that customers really want. Of course, data analytics of connected IoT products can also help manufacturers to anticipate evolving end-user desires, which can make it look like they’re staying one step ahead of their customers.

Impact of data on pricing strategies

The ability to analyse data from connected products will fundamentally change the very nature of how manufacturers define their products, including how they charge for them. Manufacturers need to shift from thinking about their offerings as products and start treating their offerings as services. From a pricing standpoint, they will need to shift from a one-time product pricing mentality to an ongoing, usage-based service model.

Wendy Toth is a speaker of the Smart Home stream in the upcoming Smart Summit Frankfurt (www.frankfurt.smartsummit.net) taking place on the 6th and 7th April 2016 at Kap Europa, Frankfurt

To register for your free pass please visit www.smartsummit.net/frankfurt/buy-ticket.html Ayla Networks and Customer Showcase at Smart Home Summit: April 6 – 7, 2016

To learn more about the Internet of Things, visit Ayla's Customer Showcase at the Smart Home Summit. The showcase is designed specifically for product managers and engineers to view and interact with Ayla's customers' connected products using mobile applications built upon our mobile software libraries. The showcase will allow attendees to better understand how simple it is to connect a product using Ayla's platform-as-a-service (PaaS).  Register  here to see see this unique showcase: https://info.aylanetworks.com/frankfurt-iot-hands-on-lab-2016

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