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I saw some footprints
when I was a tender,
I tried to stride on those footprints,
I would have walked For a while only,
Footprints dropped out of sight.
Then, I saw the footprints of
another pedestrian,
I pursued them,
Again, after walking a while
They evanesced
Like a will-o-the-wisp.
Likewise, I tried to trudge
on many footprints,
They succoured me a little,
But could not help me
reach the destination.
 Many my well-wishers told me
to walk in the footprints
Of this man or that man.

Finally, a voice came from the inside.
Walk alone.

No great man ever walked
in the footprints of others,
All walked their way,
Walk on your own path
and leave the new footprints.

All they who reached their destination,
they walked alone,
They walked on their own path,
They did not walk
in the footprints of others.
So, walk alone.

Do not emulate others.
Let you become
what you absolutely are,
Let you blossom
in your own way.
No walking in the footprints
of others anymore.

A time has ripened for creating
footprints for the beginners
As they need footprints.
And, after walking for a while,
They would understand it was futile
To walk in someone's footprints
As they are covered-up
with the dust of time.

A time has ripened
to leave the footprints.
A time has ripened
to leave the impressions.
A time has ripened
to negotiate the journey.

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