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For History not to Repeat..

Sometimes you go looking around the world
For an answer that somebody has already given you
You think you know not the answer
Until you realise it was never a bouncer..

What else to do but to work upon 
what cannot be undone?
How else to go about than overwriting 
a code that keeps on crashing?
Everyday will be a walk in the sun,
Every hour will be an hour of test,
But one without an eye to see
the history that's repeating itself since eternity
Can only best his current game..
For History not to repeat
And when he's bested it max
And sees he needs to get farther,
A lot of time will already have been spent
In besting a game that needed alteration..

Stop running in a hurried pace towards
A heaven you think you're reaching,
Stop before you've run too far, and missed
The turn you were supposed to be taking..
Stop and look at where you're going,
It will be a moment of deja vu,
You've gone there before, you're going there again,
Just knowing this is all that you need for a clue..
That's when you'll be looking for a turn,
Be it in the monsoons or heat..
And when it comes, you'll take that turn,
without skipping even a beat..

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