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L'amant Interdite - The Forbidden Lover

The days are past, long since forsaken;
When I was mellow, unfazed and did as I was bidden.
I was smitten by the world, by its values and vices;
I was molded by this world, by my morals and choices.

But then I fell into Malice’s foul embrace;
Consumed by hate, anger and distaste.
Faced with a lifetime of sorrow and mistrust;
Still I pressed on, bold and nonplussed.

Perhaps then I should have halted-
And nulled my vehemence;
Perhaps there was when
I should have a voided my malevolence.
Forbidden Lover
But alas, my love, now it is a forlorn hope;
I have lost my ability,
To endure and to cope.

Unto your salacious and seductive arms,
I surrendered my soul, my spirit and visage.
Now I am but a specter without form;
Shackled in Limbo, bereft of earthly warmth.

Dangerous liaisons, we were, my dearest;
A union forged of the darkest and the bravest.
You fueled me with aggression, greed and corruption,
You made my existence, sallow and misbegotten.

I abandoned my humanity, when I courted you, my love;
A harbinger of vengeance was what I had become.
You gave me the power to burn dreams into ashes;
To inflict suffering, pain and thundering lashes.

And now, as I stand among the souls I have damned,
I lament on the fate, through you, I did create.
I loved that, which should never be adored,
For now, into Heaven, I know…
I shall never soar.

Misery and depravity are the children we have conceived,
Feared and unwanted, wrought through a lifetime of misdeeds.
As the Dark Passenger now dominates my broken character,
I can but watch, as my soul is torn asunder.

I realize now, with absolute certainty,
That my soul has been desecrated of all its sanctity.
And yet, for all that, my love, I will tell you this
No longer will I taste your spiteful lips.
Our cursed romance has reached its end;
For no more mortals to the Reaper shall I send.

It is not lost on me, that I am beyond redemption,
But there are those who still yearn for emancipation.
It is for them, my love, and the souls I have damned
That I shall no longer be able to grasp your hand.

Once, I have would have gladly died
Held in the gaze of your deep scarlet eyes.
Now, your cruel and unforgiving gaze
Will alight no more on my once-abhorrent face.

Farewell, my dearest, my forbidden love,
No longer can I satisfy your unending lust.

No longer will I adore the entity of lust,
No longer will I revere the spirit of distrust.
No more torment will I inflict,
No longer will I love
The mistress, Conflict.

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