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Middle Ground: Not run over, but still stumped!

Sometimes all you want, is to fix what's broken
While all you wanted a minute back was to throw it away..
Sometimes all you want, is to go back to how things were
While all you wanted a minute back was escape..
Sometimes all you want, is to go back to being chained
While all you wanted all your life was freedom,
Sometimes all you want, is to get back into a routine
While all you wanted before was an adventure...

Sometimes you want what's good for you
And sometimes you want what might kill you..
The problem lies not in wanting what's good or bad
In constantly shifting what you want, it lies..

A desire for what's wrong will show you the bitterness
If only you eat up the last morsel of it..
Even the best path won't uncover the heavens
If you aren't going all the way..

And if you choose wrong a thousand times,
You'd have learned what doesn't work for you at the end..
But if you never choose and walk the middle ground,
You'll have lived and yet not lived at all..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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