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And then there are nights.
Long , silent , dark

Waves of calmness falling
like the fireflies dancing on
an abandoned beach.

The right dims.
The right mids.
The right moonlight.
The right sky.
Everything the way it is everynight.

And in the mids of this perfection,
lies immense stories to be unveiled.
Mysteries to be solved.
Confusions to be sorted.

Night by night-
every night
brings in a light-an opportunity
to arrange ,discover, solve, reflect
and reframe.
It could be a feeling overflowing.
Happiness overwhelming.
A confused dream trying to fit into a definition.

The possibilities of what it  could be,
are larger than
what this universe can suffice.

And when the clock strikes
1 AM or 2 AM or 3 AM.

You'll realise,

Life goes by every night
at the same pace
following the same trend as yesterday's.
Yet like its not possible
to differentiate the boundaries in a VIBGYOR.
Similar are the fibres of this life entangled together.

You'll laugh at yourself
for the things,
You had over assumed,
over analysed on the night of 4th January
which didn't matter on 6th January
on 10th January
in a day in Feburary.

But one thing is for sure, that,
there always comes a day when things which had been overanalysed
don't matter anymore.

And you learn this
more and more everynight.

So, keep dreaming,
keep wondering
but not worrying.

As its not everynight 
you'll get a chance to dive in
the sky filled with those sparkling twinkies.
Spreading the pleasure of a shield,
like a hand of a father.

Guiding your ways,
today , tomorrow and always.

dive in the sanctum affluence
and let the echo of words in your head
find rest in the arms of this
long , silent , dark
and brave night.

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Suman Choudhary
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