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About prospects of mining from equipment manufacturers

Prospects of mining industry are highlighted in a separate report at Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague. Two representatives of HashCoins, company manufacturing equipment for cryptocurrency mining, will speak about practical implementation of blockchain technology.

Edgar Bers is a partner relations manager at HashCoins. The topic of his report is “Practical implementation of blockchain technology”
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference
His colleague, Vitaliy Pavlov, leads the development team, and is responsible for customer relations and marketing. His report will be dedicated to development prospects of mining industry through the example of HashFlare.io.

HashCoins is a manufacturer of mining equipment and software. It exists since 2013, focuses on innovative technologies in the sphere of equipment for decentralized Bitcoin network.

HashFlare allows user to participate in mining without extensive knowledge of crypto technologies. Their service minimizes user’s risks and doesn’t require a lot of investments.

Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague – 19 May 2016, Angelo Hotel, Prague

Put questions to speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague! There is one month left till the beginning of event!
For more details visit the event website. Would you like to buy a ticket? Click here

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