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Fight with Fate

Under the feet of unemployment
tied by the chains of poverty,
he was forced to work
in his own city,
Crushed by the fate's wind
His free sky came to limits,
His legs was bound
and his wings lost its width,
fight with fate,unemployment
Day after day
under the hot sun,
He worked hard
but was paid none,
Such a hard job
to play with clay and wheel,
He made pots and lamps
but found no great deal,

He had no home
to rest his limbs,
and only that work
was left for him,
His neighbours who were with him
in his good days,

have turned their faces
and changed their ways,
But how he could
give up in such a plight,
He forgot everything
and took a high flight,
The rays of hopes
remained within his heart,

and he fought again
with his hidden art,
And a day came
when his bad time turned,
with money and good respect
which he earned,
People were amazed
to see his position then,
And he respected his work
which made him succeed when.

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