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Infusing Life into the Workday

For 71 percent of Americans their day job doesn't bring them happiness or fulfillment; it's simply for a paycheck. According to a Gallup survey they are "not engaged" or are "actively disengaged" from their work.

Some deal with larger issues such as a bad boss or bullying in the workplace (which statistically is worse than sexual harassment). Bullying in the workplace has been described as "a silent epidemic". How is it possible for those undergoing this to infuse life into their workday when they feel like calling in sick every day?

While these are larger issues that need to be addressed, the focus of this article is on those who not interested or motivated when it comes to their work.

How can you make the most of the workday? Lay a solid foundation before you go in.

Here are some tips to apply before you go to work:

1) Get a lot of rest. This will allow you to handle stressful situations more effectively and to think more clearly.

2) Pay yourself first by exercise. The term "pay yourself first" is popular in the investment world. When it comes to taking care of your health it's even more important. It's proven exercise rids the body and mind of stress. This means a clearer mind and a more positive outlook.
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3) Limit alcohol consumption the night before. It's a fact that drinking alcohol slows down the thinking process. It can also affect the amount and quality of our sleep. Going into work with a hangover or still under the influence greatly affects your ability to communicate effectively, react to situations, solve problems and you may be more prone to lash out at co-workers over small matters.

4) Minimize coffee intake. It is a drug. Just like alcohol, according to Wikipedia, it "acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior".

5) Eat a healthy breakfast. According to an online source, "published studies prove that people who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to get sick, perform better at memory tasks, and are less depressed than non-breakfast eaters."

6) Center yourself. Focus on what makes you happy. Take this with you by projecting a positive attitude. Studies show those who project a positive attitude will receive such back. Those who emanate a negative energy pull it out in others. Co-workers or boss in a bad mood? So what. Shake it off, and be positive in return (maybe even pity them for not being happy). Be determined to make the workplace a more pleasant experience. A lot of that is up to you!

What can you do to make it more enjoyable once you're at work? As noted in tip six above, start by being happy. If you arrive in a bad mood, this energy will affect others immediately. You may have heard of the term chakra. This refers to energy centers in our body. We have seven, and if we're to project happiness and positivity it has to start within and be sincere. Here are some tips to apply once you're at work:

1) Think before you react. Don't allow yourself to take quick offense. You don't know what your boss or co-worker dealt with before coming in. You decide how to react to situations. You decide how they affect you.

2) Don't allow negative energy or bad attitudes to rub off on you. Instead of letting your good mood turn sour, challenge yourself to cheer up the rest of the workplace. You just may be surprised how contagious a good attitude is. After all, it takes more muscles to frown, which would equate to the use of more energy. Thinking of it that way, if you're tired, isn't it easier to smile? Try it.

3) Take the breaks afforded you and use this time to "re-boot" as it were. Don't eat at your desk where the surrounding energies are the stress of the job. Separate where you eat from where you work. Not only will this aid digestion, it will allow your mind the time it needs to re-center.

4) Some workplaces have gym memberships for their employees, and some larger corporations even allow time during the day where they encourage them to exercise and then return to work. Maybe you're not as fortunate. I know I'm not. So how to apply this? Can you walk on a lunch break?

5) Stretch. For those who work at a desk all day it's too easy to get locked into position. Some of us need to say "locked" because our job requires us to be on the phone all day. But, is it possible for you to stand at times and still do your job effectively?

6) Allow your mind the right to wander, but exercise discipline. Now, I'm not talking about daydreaming or concentrating on your personal endeavors to the detriment of losing your job, but there are times personal stresses will encroach in on you. There is no getting around this. Maybe it's not even stress, but a social gathering you're excited about going to or a new person you met-the possibilities are endless. The key is to deal with these thoughts, not feel guilty upon them coming in on you, and letting them go just as quickly.
7) Focus on your job. Maybe you think this contradicts number six, but it doesn't. As noted, there is no getting around personal thoughts creeping in through the workday, but when you're at work, focus on the job. The benefits not only include keeping your employment, but will make you more valuable as an employee because you'll be more productive. Focusing on your job means limiting internet use to the purpose of your job. Leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket for cases of emergencies only. Texting and surfing on your cell phone is no way to an employer's heart. Anyway, at the end of the day, be happy you have a job. The global economy is on a decline like never before. According to the International Labour Office in Geneva on a global level "employment-to-population ratio declined sharply... from 61.2 per cent in 2007 to 60.2 per cent in 2010. This represents the largest such decline on record (since 1991)." What does this mean? There are more people than there are jobs. So go ahead and make the most of being employed and be thankful for what you have while infusing life into your workday.

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