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Lessons from life, form life

Life is filled with series of episodes where every episode has one or the other lesson to teach us. It's up to us whether we take those lessons or not but certain incidents are formed so perfectly that we derive philosophies out of them for our future. We frame rules based on these experiences and start applying the same rule for future experiences of our life. This is what I mean when I say 'lessons from life form life'.

When two different people undergo the same experience their derivation of a philosophy out of the same kind of experience can be totally different. This will differ based on the intellect of the two people, their attitude, previous encounters with them, the family and surroundings around them during their upbringing and lot of other factors. Hence it is quite possible that these two people frame different kinds of philosophies out of the same experience and follow it in future. However a question arises as to which of these philosophies is right.
lessons from life form life,future
No philosophy is right, no philosophy is wrong. Everyone has the absolute right to define his/her own views for different feelings, emotions and similarly experiences and that is the right which is often exercised to the fullest. Some might agree with the philosophies that you have formed while some might not. Similarly you might agree with someone's philosophies but not with those of the others. Though we know that the philosophies and lessons formed out of life by different people are different still there are some common philosophies that have been concluded by masses and have a global acceptance. These are the kind of lessons and philosophies that enter great books, your text books and the constitutions. Initially in our childhood we set one particular philosophy, the moment there is a situation where this doesn't work we frame a new modified version of the philosophy. With one more new experience where even this fails again we come up with the second version of it. This process continues in everyone's life as encounters with different people and different situations keep increasing. Let me tell you friends that this is a never ending process.
I would like to convey an important philosophy that I came up with; which is to keep learning from everyone's philosophies. Learn all but apply the one that suits the situation. There is no point in debating or arguing as to whose philosophy is good or whose is bad. It might just end up in wasted efforts, energy and time. Listen to perceptions of different people and you will be easily able to find out the expertise level that the other person has in comparison with that of yours based on the latest modified version of his/her philosophy. Probably I have conveyed the philosophy or lesson that I have learned from my life with the experiences that I have had.

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