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The Intellectual Property Series III:The Importance of Patents

I am glad and excited to have received rave reviews about this series. I must share the one that came from my mom- Even for a non-techy person like me; the article is interesting and easily understandable.

I could breeze through it without having to go through any line twice. It only makes me more conscious and careful about every word I type because I know climbing is easier than sustaining and sustaining is what makes you a winner.

Ok, let's head to the business. I shall assume now that you are familiar with the keywords like Intellectual Property and Patent. If not, just understand Intellectual Property as a creation of mind and patent as a mean to protect it. Check out June and July editions of this magazine for in-depth details.
the intellectual property,copyright patent
So, what makes patents important? The answer is: They improve the quality of human life. Baffled? Let me help. Continuous inventions are what have and continue to provide humans an edge over the other inhabitants of this planet. Not all humans invent or innovate but some individuals devote their time, energy, money and sometimes even more to do that; which benefits the society. Patented inventions have pervaded every aspect of human life. Not only your PC/Laptop and handheld devices like Mobiles and their software but even your alarm clock, toothbrush, shower, electric lighting, appliances, automobiles and anything that makes a difference to your day to day life is patented. Don't be surprised when I say that Ball Point Pens and even pencils with attached eraser are patented inventions. Patents provide incentives to inventors- they offer them acknowledgement for their creativity and material benefits for their marketable inventions. These incentives encourage innovation and ensure that the process of improving the quality of human life goes on.

You learnt in the previous article of this series that inventor may cede the invention to someone or an organization and delegate the ownership. Next article in this series shall be dedicated to that subject, it shall be followed by What Can and Can't be patented. For now, I'll utilize the remaining words for what I had promised in the previous edition i.e. to reveal the open secret that aids me in thinking of patentable ideas. I do not exaggerate when I emphasize that anyone and everyone, including you, can take advantage of this method. Mind you, the application of this method is not limited to thinking patentable ideas. Once you actually understand and realize it, you'll be able to discover numerous aspects where this simple yet powerful formula can be applied. Excited? Yeah? So, ready or not, here it is: To think of patentable ideas, all you need to do is: THINK Think hard, Think more, Think a lot. It is lot tougher to do than it seems but hey! Path to glory is not easy. So think, gather as many ideas as possible, list them down and then pick the best ones. Start doing it NOW and by the time you have a good number of ideas, you'll find an article in the same space that shall help you identify the patentable ones.
Keep Thinking and Keep Smiling :)

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Ashish Vaidya
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