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Illuminating the horizons?

The sun gave me
A pitiable pathetic peek
And said,
"Hey, I have finished
My task of illuminating the world
For the day
And am going
To meet my sweetheart
Down under the sea."
illuminating the horizons,envy
I burnt with envy
Scorched and scalded with soreness
Oh! Why was I alone,
Lonesome and low?

The moon gawked, gaped and gazed
The leaves tossed, turned and tweaked
The silent night kept shoving and shifting
The stars looked astonished, astounded and amazed

Finally the forlorn night
Metamorphosed into dewy day
The sun after meeting his lady love
Looked gleeful and gay
He asked me,
"Are you feeling better by the way?"

"Yeah", I said,
"Your smile has given me opulent optimism
My love is also illuminating his horizon
And will rush back into my arms
For his contentment and delight
So that he can lighten up
His own sphere."

I was no longer lonesome and low
The sun had given me a pristine glow
In that radiance I glimmered for long
And my life became a happy song

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