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Sheer Joy

As many of my regular readers know, I'm a dancer as well as an Author. I study dance in college and it is a true passion of mine. With work and other classes, practicing as well as trying to keep in perfect form, sometimes things can become a grind. It loses its fun factor. My schedule is packed to the top which I am sure you know from previous articles.

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Well, due to that very schedule, I've had to do what I like to refer to as "studio hopping" to get in all the dance classes I need. That's where I take one class at one studio and one at another or maybe even another, simply because my work or school schedule interferes with studio time. It's a bit complicated to say the least. This also results in a lot of travel time from place to place, but I'm meeting new people which is a plus!

Another interesting thing that has come of this entire studio hopping is that I've had some extra time while waiting for classes and I used it watching the "little ones" dancing. Sometimes it's more hopping around and twirling than actual dance but it really doesn't matter. What matters is the look of sheer joy on their little faces! It reminded me of how I feel about dance. It made all the studio hopping worthwhile. Now, my dance classes aren't any easier and if anything I'd say I'm working harder, I just take time to catch a glimpse of those tiny dancers that inspire me. I walk away with a smile on my face and some extra twirls for my next class just for the sheer joy of dancing.

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Patricia Carrigan
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