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What is Inspiration and where does it come from?


Webster's dictionary defines inspiration as: "a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation" or "the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions".
what is inspiration,believe receive
A rather dry definition for something that is so critical in human existence. The gist of what is defined above basically states that the influence of others or the influence of a place or a thing can motivate someone to do something. There are several different types of sources of inspiration which motivate people to be better, achieve more in life and attain a higher level of success. That being said, there is also negative inspiration, such as that used by Hitler during World War II. He used psychology and manipulation to not only motivate his troops but also break the Jewish and other people who were sent to concentration camps.

Choose your path...

Given the choice, I would choose the first, positive inspiration. It's not always easy to find inspiration, to find the thing, place or people who move you. And, what moves one person may not move another - a prime reason why Inspiration Unlimited provides so many different aspects to inspire you. Inspiration isn't something that can be masked or created under false pretense, it's something that draws from within you through what you do, see or feel. It is also conversely affected by the mood at the time you read, hear or sense something.

What is my inspiration?

Very good question! I find inspiration in many ways. Mostly, I embrace my inner child. Most of my work that I write is fiction, opening my imagination to things that either don't exist or would be nearly impossible to exist. I like to take things a step further and blur the lines between reality and imagination, make you almost wonder if it could actually happen. I, in turn also find that my lines get blurred; sometimes through a scary story I'm writing, while sometimes through a touching scene between a parent and child. Regardless, I am not always inspired. It's something I have to sometimes focus on for a long time and not something I just sit and stare at my blank computer screen to achieve. I have found that the best thing to do to be inspired is to always be shifting your attention. Look for inspiration in your children, your environment, out in your yard or a park, along the ocean or in the desert. There are literally millions of places to find inspiration from.
The most critical things you can do to be inspired are:

1. Open yourself to be inspired, accept in your mind that it's okay to look for inspiration.

2. Embrace your inspiration. When you find that thing that drives you or excites you, chase it until it gives you no more drive and hold on to that moment, remember it and reflect upon it.

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Jason P Stadtlander
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