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Your past is for others, yours is only the future

Glad to introduce the 500th blog post of an Insprodigian here.

Yes I am writing this 500th blog post, I just try to glance back at the past to see my step into blogging and the journey up till now and am trying to sum up a lesson that can really live up to the value of being the 500th blog post. Everything seems so distant to me and I don't have a clear picture about how I went from one blog post to the next. By God's grace, my mentor's guidance, my parents' blessings and wishes of all my friends, relatives and lovely readers of your kind, here I land on the 500th blog post which is completely dedicated to each and every one who has inspired me to achieve this feat in such a quick and short span of time. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart with the deepest heartfelt gratitude.
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Probably, I can go back through the timeline on the blogger and find all my blog posts and recollect the tiny steps that I took in this massive field of blogging but I am not interested in that. Right now, the next big number which is one digit more than 500 i.e., 1000 is ringing in my head. The future seems more promising to drive me towards it than the past. However, I don't want to undermine the magnanimous confidence boost that these 500 blog posts have given me to aim for doubling the count in the next 500 days or lesser. I have lived through my past, its happy and sad moments. Now, it's time for me to focus on my future and embark upon a journey that can take me to the next milestone. Going back into the past to cherish those glorious moments of hitting every consecutive century of blog posts seems less interesting when compared to the adventure that lies in bringing out new concept or philosophy in every blog post of the future. This is where I realize the lesson that our past is for others to explore and learn while our focus should always lie in exploring the unknown future and excelling in it.

No one else knows your past better than you. Your achievements and failures are a pure collection that shall always be known only to you to the best real extents possible. Past is always past and no amount of thinking or planning or worrying can change your past. The same thinking or planning can yield fabulous results when they are done keeping the future in perspective. Those who wish to learn from your life will always go back to the records of your past and search for the lessons that they need for their lives. It's none of your business to worry about what others take from your past. You're in no way liable to answer their queries or doubts about your past. It shall only be a social divine service if you can share your wisdom with those who want to learn from your past journey and imbibe some of the lessons in their life to grow and move forward. Just leave your past for others to take lessons and inspiration from while you drive yourself to accomplish the goals and dreams which lie waiting for you in the future.
Padma Vibhushan awardee Sachin Tendulkar never relied on his past records to be in the Indian cricket team. It was his passion to score more and enjoy the game of cricket that always drove him towards working hard and practising hard daily to be in the best shape and form to play international cricket. His excellency Nelson Mandela never stopped his fight against racism even after serving 27 years in the prison being an anti-apartheid revolutionary. After getting apartheid abolished, he vouched for multiracial elections. The universal hero, Dr. Kamal Haasan has thrived in Indian cinema for more than 50 years now but has never stopped experimenting in his field. He has never relied on his past blockbusters and become complacent till date. He has moved on to the next level with every novel movie of his, many of which have become the landmarks in the history of Indian cinema. The past of Sachin Tendulkar or Nelson Mandela or Kamal Haasan shall only stand as encyclopedias of life's lessons and diverse experiences for others to learn from. It was always the future that drove these men of calibre to stay focused and perform at every next step of life.

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