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Small but Impacting - Students as the solution for the emerging problems

What is the difference between us and students? We have got settled down and have developed a static perspective; the students are evolving and growing which enables them to have a dynamic paradigm. In simple words, we have become habitual to see the problems and curse the circumstances. We have become habitual of accepting situation as it is prevailing. We have stigmatized ourselves. We stop ourselves for some self-imposed limits which we rarely challenge. Our thinking has become cornered to certain levels and we don't challenge ourselves to think beyond those levels. Students are fortunate that they have not seen much of the negative side of the world, and lesser the experience, more is the preparedness to experiment. Yes, they are willing to experiment, to challenge the problems and to raise the standards beyond imagination. You are winner in your life if you are willing to experiment, innovate, and firmly stick to the values that you espouse for. You are able to achieve miracles if you are able to raise your own standards and see yourself as a solver to the problems that confront you.

Students are amazing but people don't trust them. They can do miracles but people rarely give them the chance to do miracles. It's all the question of giving trust, giving responsibilities and providing the right mentoring. When I was the chairman of C3W, I witnessed how team 1234 (a group of four students who were responsible for providing hospitality to the conference delegates) spent 4 days and nights sleeplessly just to ensure that the event was managed well. It was just because they got the responsibility and they had made a commitment to do it properly. (Looking at their amazing work, Mr. Sujit Lalwani gave their team a new name - Team 1234.) They did it beyond my own imagination. I have seen students doing amazing work wherever they have been given proper orientation.
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The students have amazing energy, creativity, zeal, enthusiasm. However, not everyone gives them the required guidance, support and confidence. This is the point that I wish to drive through this article. I shall take you to the two students of my institution Siddhartha Ghoshal and Satvik Nikunj. Siddhartha is on the international committee of Greenpeace. He has been volunteering for Greenpeace for last 8 years. For the last four years he has been regularly donating all his earnings back to his organization (which is approximately Rs. 60,000 per month). His recent initiatives include forcing a government to ban pouching of Whale in the name of research. He has been training a group of volunteers in another country through Skype. He has been negotiating with another government for release of 30 volunteers of Greenpeace. He has played at national level in Badminton. He is a professional life-coach. He has been performing the important role of anchor/organizer in most events happening in the institution. He also played an important role in organizing events relating to environment. Till recently, he was also coaching students in a coaching institution in papers like Physics, Chemistry for +2 levels. This is besides maintaining 80% attendance in his regular classes and ensuring proper participation. He has been devoting 7-8 hours a day in designing a car for participation in Supra Sae (about 200 teams make their entries for amateur racing, out of which some 75 teams are able to qualify). He is an important pillar of team OREYON, which has recently designed a race car for Amateur racer. He insists that the car that he has designed and prepared gives less carbon emissions than the most popular model of commercial car available. While he will be competing with other 75 teams coming from different institutions, he is preparing himself for ensuring that the car that he has designed stands out in endurance, environmental impact and robust design. Like him Satvik also sleeps just 3 hours a day to ensure that the car that they are preparing, takes them to the level they deserve and that they are able to participate in other international events as well. What struck me the most was their attitude to search for solution to every problem. I wonder if the students are exposed to Nobel Laureates, peace-makers, social entrepreneurs; these students can bring solution to every problem with a human touch. Similar results would be possible if the students are given the opportunity to be part of brain storming sessions on social issues.
A large number of students approach companies for doing summer training or for doing industrial internships. If these students are given the required guidance and support, they can do miracles for the companies where they work. I have received requests from a few companies for extension of summer training of students because the companies realized the value of the amazing contribution of summer interns.

Let us invite & give space
Let us embrace & appreciate the solution
Ever ready, a student
Ever learning, a learner
Ever changing, a developer
Ever evolving, an evangelist
Never refusing, a protégé
Never complaining, a solution
Never receding, a source of hope
Never arguing, a true follower
Never resting, the man in action
The harbinger & supporter of the new
The change-maker & leader of tomorrow
Let's appreciate and support
The heroes in our students
Recognise the small wonders
Those who can create impacts

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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