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Business of Ethics

Friends! At the tail end of 2009, I attended an event which took place in Mumbai. Great Stalwarts representing the Indian Business Corporate World were present. It was an experience of a life time. Rich with insights the experience laid the foundation for forming my thoughts for 2010.

One of the underlining factors which were synonymous with all great minds present was the value system which we bring about with our business culture. Going through the values which shaped their business, I thought of having this title to my article which I hope will ring a bell.

The word Ethic matters because it makes good business sense to "do the right things".

On top of the Value chain is a word called TRUST.
We have to build upon this element of Trust in every business deal or activity we tend to undertake. This word bridges all apprehension and clears all doubt in the business process. It is the foundation on which futuristic business will survive in the 21st century. This word alone will help organization pass through all phases of business, be at the sunshine weather or the chilly atmosphere which pervades during the melt down.
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TRUST gives organization the courage and the power to believe in them. It percolates across the organization giving rise to a high degree of performance. Performance leads to recognition. Recognition brings respect. Respect enhances power. Humility and grace in one's moments of power enhances dignity of an organization. This is the mantra which will create a stable organization. One can then visualize enlightened individuals simply wanting to improve their own effectiveness. Development and trusting people is the only way to get improved results.

We as a Human Race should congratulate ourselves for our technical capabilities. Today, we routinely perform things that would be 'miracles' to our great grand parents. We stretch our technology further and further in pursuit of new commercial opportunities. The speed of introduction of new ideas and new technology is breathtaking. Science and technology have been undoubtedly beneficial contributors to our world. They have helped us to control our environment, fight disease, revolutionize communication, make us predict business cycles, increased the rate and level of knowledge, provided mass entertainment and increased the standards of living that historically were the preserve of tiny elite. But as a Human Race have we become wise. Here I would like you to pause and reflect.

Where are we leading? Are we leading a relaxed life which nourishes our body, mind and soul?
Can we create an environment which is devoid of extreme greed? Can we undo the harm that we as humans have inflicted on mother earth? My belief is that something somewhere has gone a miss in our pursuit of materialistic wealth and fulfillment of our abnormal desires we have dislocated ourselves from our true self.
We have distanced ourselves from people - people who add value. We are experiencing an ever increasing gap. While there are economic reforms taking place at a great pace, social reforms are moving at a snail's pace. Due to this there is confusion and a feeling of fear about the future. We are now in a midst of an information age where knowledge and power rest in the hands of a few people who make all the decisions. Let us usher in the world of wisdom where everyone contributes to create a better planet and a harmonized eco-system. Let us as a race be proud to leave behind a legacy of goodwill and good fortune. Let us pledge ourselves to do business with ethics.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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