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CREATING - The Learning Organization

Today, in the 21st century, Management should create the Learning Organization with 3 fundamental factors. They are;
1) The concept of Leadership in Management
2) Communication and Self-Management
3) Energy Enhancement Techniques for Star Performance

Consider these 3 factors as a Tripod on which the organization's management system will rest. But, before I go into the details, let me explain the theme of a Learning Organisation.

In a Learning Organisation, Directors and Senior Managers are actively engaged at the Centre of 2 integral cycles. They are;

(1) Strategic Thinking and
(2) Operations

The Modern Market Place demands a Radical Change from the conventional Pyramid Structure to the inverted structure with Directors/Sr. Managers taking central positions. In the old structure, you have the focus on what takes place within the organization and the politics and interdepartmental conflict. Most of the time we find the managers drowned in operational issues trapped in day to day conflicts. Such a focus will not make organizations survive. The mindset should change and one has to listen outward - to the customer. Inverting the pyramid makes the customer come on Top. Here lies the Revolutionary Idea- "Whatever we do inside the organization must be for the benefit of the customer outside."
creating learning organization,performance
Thus, in the 21st century, the First Line Staff play a crucial role in establishing the BRAND of the organisation. They are the people who should be highly motivated and the organization should do its best to develop their frontline workforce. They will be able to take their organization on the path of victory against the competition. They are the most sensitive receptacles of the organization and are in direct contact with the environment.

Organizations must learn to listen to their voice and their inputs will play a crucial role in policy making. The person who is heading the first line should be like a captain, fully matured and equipped to take frontline decisions. He is the Action Hero and management should be able to have a two-way communication established. The mid-level management is the execution arm of the management. They are the managers who are able to interpret the management Vision and are driven with missionary zeal to accomplish Goals. The senior management and the top management act like the central processing unit of a computer, wherein they are able to blend information that is generated internally and externally. They form the Learning Board within the organization involved in vision creation, audit, and maintaining the operational system. The Learning Board infuses the Continuous Learning Loop (CLL) into the organization, thereby creating a dynamic process. They see to it that the Rate of Learning in the organization is equal or greater than the Rate of Change in the external environment.
creating learning organization,performance
In this manner we get the following benefits:-
1) Higher movement of Quality Information across the organization
2) Greater awareness of competitors and their moves
3) Being alert to Political, Social, Technological or Trade Trends.
4) Better Risk Assessment analysis
5) Cross-thinking amongst various divisions or departments to obtain a unified result.

Thus a Learning Organization is in a Better Position to move ahead with control. My lessons in management may appear nice and logical, but bringing them to practice lays the magic which will make the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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