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The Genesis of LEADERSHIP

The year that has passed had been an eventful year and in management lingo one can term it as the Game Changer; a year that will go down in history where titans crumbled and a new face emerged. A face of the common people full of dreams and desires of a new economic world order where wealth generated in society will be evenly distributed, and at the same time, the delicate balance of the Ecosystem of our planet is taken care. People would learn to live with a sense of dignity and serve with gratitude living a life of purpose filled with passion.

HOPE is an emotion stronger than fear and it is against this background that I am addressing the Genesis of Leadership. We here look at Leadership through new eyes and new vigor. A new world driven by Technology is emerging before us and this world is more demanding, and to some extent, ruthless. Mistakes are rarely forgotten and seldom forgiven. So how does the Leader drive in his vision and create a sustainable enterprise? He needs to pause and reflect, but the most important aspect he needs to do is to spend time understanding his Team- the very process of knowing how thoughts emerge and how actions follow. Before thoughts formulate in the Human Mind there needs to be Intent. Intent helps in channelizing thought towards a particular direction. Intent can be visualized as the boundary or the circumference of a dot. This is empty like a vacuum. When the intensity of Intent increases, the vacuum space starts to fill, and in due time, the dot takes a specific shape and size. The dot has density, and at a particular time, it begins to roll into performing leadership action. The timing for the dot to roll could be through external circumstances or through a deep inner calling or through conditioning by a mentor or a coach.
There are 5 essential Ingredients to Leadership

1. First is the Identification of Leadership Qualities
2. Next is the Appreciation of Leadership Qualities
3. Then one needs to Cultivate Leadership Qualities.
4. Once after cultivating and imbibing the leadership qualities one needs to Preserve them
5. Finally, when a Leader philophizes with the qualities and they become part of his Character he needs to Apply them in real time and space in the outside world.

Thus one can see a systematic process from where Intent reaches its destination of forming the Character of a Leader who then establishes his mark in the minds of People he leads.

Among the Five essential ingredients it is the first that will be covered in today's article. Identification of Leadership Qualities plays an important role in knowing leadership. Some of them are listed down and one will be familiar with them; Die Hard Honesty, Impeccable Nature, Adaptable, Motivator, Prudent, Courage, Fearless etc. Any one of these or multiple qualities in a leader make him stand out as he dwells deeply in the very essence of these qualities. In his inner mind he begins to identify himself/herself with these qualities. He/she starts creating a picture within, and the world outside begins to identify him/her with these qualities. One of the Qualities any leader should possess is Blessed Oblivion, the ability to erase from memory all that is not required for great achievements. He/She should be able to retain relevant facts and incidences which help him to achieve his mission and he should have the capabilities to let go off the clutter that is irrelevant to a bigger Goal.

Identification of Leadership Qualities helps in visualizing the actions of a Leader. Here it is important to understand the real life situation of a Leader in which he acts, reacts, interacts, pro acts and transacts. This is with respect to the personal and social changes that are taking place around him and to the various challenges Life throws at him.
To be a Leader in the Modern AGE one needs to have a balance of PQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ. As the four robust wheels of a vehicle, the above four helps the Leader navigate the journey called Life with Clarity and Commitment.
Jai Hind!

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Dr. Nitin Parab
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