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Vivek George - Breaking rules for the good

Being the second born in a family of Malayali Catholics the values of life were valued the most. But our today's success story of Mr. Vivek George, aged 26, had everything to do with breaking all rules and freeing him to find a new way- a way to succeed.

At the time when Vivek wasn't even introduced much into the aspects of this world, his father was a perfect convent teacher that every kid would be scared of, a protective father who surely wouldn't want his child to go in a wrong way, and hence he wasn't provided any means of self-transport. His mother was a loyal government employee working with the Comptroller Auditor General of India, who wanted her son to be loyal in all means, and hence, he was cut off from receiving pocket money. "Both extremely well-educated and hard working professionals wanted me and my sister to follow their footprints of being not just great human beings and Catholics, but also loyal and educated professionals commanding the respect their profession earned them," narrates Vivek.
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He was an academically underachieving and un-succumbing rogue child, and along came banned liberties that normal boys of his age enjoyed. However, he had attended the best of the schools and colleges that Bangalore had to offer. Vivek says, "Seeing my peers joyous with no parental or economic problems and being generally irritated in life is when I decided to take things in my own hands. I started my own business venture."

Finding himself much attracted to creativity, at the age of 17, he started with event management which helped him not only pay the college fees but also an EMI for his first bike. This progressed to Wedding productions and continued the same way until he turned 19. The college came to an end and something else too was going to end. "The money made from the events and weddings, was barely enough to cover my day to day expenses. That's when I needed to take things more seriously," says Vivek.

Came 2006, and due to the recession many merchandizing enterprises in Tamil Nadu were shutting their shops. Taking advantage of this, he picked up as much of the low-priced clearance stock as possible and started off with a venture in the merchandise business. Starting with small orders, he gradually progressed to larger ones and finally got himself an office space. That marked the beginning of his present enterprise, Your Design.
"My parents were, of course, unhappy with me giving all my attention to the business and not to my academics and being rebuked by relatives as a "Banayanwala" (a person selling vests), me not being a professional, and me being a part of the business world where ethics was a gray area like no other and too money-oriented for them," says Vivek finding it funny.

Today, Vivek has a business partner by name Arun Nair who has been his college-mate and a very good friend. "I was a one-man show, rejoicing my victories on my own and suffering my losses alone. I was a family-man with a family to support but no support for my load. But, today, a huge group of friends cheer me on my decision," he says proudly. His family is still skeptical about his future but he is a man of his own making; he still wouldn't have it like any other.

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