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A Mystery

Oh, wow, the sky is blue with light clouding, the sun is out and it is just "beach tan" frying hot! For some who are taking a vacation or having a day off from their normal routine, this is the recipe for a beautiful day to spend at the beach. For others who are not on vacation and not taking a day off, it may mean they "wish" they could be on the beach getting a tan. Either way, once the winter clothes are packed away and the spring rains have watered the future gardens and flowers, we dream of the warm, hot summer days coming and what we plan to do during the warm summer months.

Waking up to a morning like it is today, the dreams of those hot summer days are no longer dreams... they are HERE! If we are planning to take that summer trip to a camp near the beach, or ride the waves on our boats, surf boards, or backs, we still have to make it to the days we will actually take these planned trips. It is HOT! a mystery,experience,life I don't get it. We spend a lot of money trying to get rid our homes and workplaces of the outdoor heat. We buy cooling systems, small air conditioners, large conditioners, floor fans and ceiling fans, walk around half dressed and we do anything we can to cool our bodies down and we literally die trying to survive. So tell me why on beautiful days like today, we want to head to the beach and "roast" in an even hotter temperature while rubbing our bodies with "cooking oil?" Hang on to your answer to this question. I have to pack the car for my day trip to the beach.

What about you? Do you experience in being confused by such mysteries in life? Share your thoughts with us.


Life can be a mystery,
At least this is how it seems.
We do things just because sometimes,
For in the doing of everything we do, there is a set time.

There is a time to pack away the winter clothes,
A time during the summertime to walk around with our bodies scantly clothed,
A time to plan how we will spend the beautiful days to come,
A time to go to the beach and enjoy more sun!

But I never can understand why all this makes sense,
I can never come up with any good reasons,
For why we do some of the things that we do,
And it leaves me confused.

In the cold winter we pray for warm days,
Then the summer brings these warm days our way,
And we now pray for relief from the sun,
So we head to the "beach" for some summer fun?

Are you confused too?
Does this make sense to you?
If you don't have any answers and are heading to the beach,
Perhaps we can meet up and talk about this senseless mystery.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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