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My "Black" Refrigerator

Sometimes as parents, we have to bite the bullet and hold back our initial reactions when our children do something out of the ordinary and catch us off guard. We find ourselves taking deep breaths and hope that we can keep our faces from showing our true feelings.

Children, no matter how old they get, need to be treated with gentleness. What parent would honestly want to break the heart of their little ones when they greet us with "off the wall" surprises? my black refrigerator There were times that my youngsters surprised me with breakfast in bed, or did the laundry. We don't ask questions, we just praise them for their kindness and efforts. It is a good feeling to know that they care about us and want to do something special for us.

Years from now as parents, which for me is NOW, we will look back and reminisce on all the crazy "surprises" our children gifted to us and laugh, and relive the excitement of the moment.

What about you? Can you remember some "off the wall" things your child has done that you hope you will laugh about in the future? Share your thoughts with us.


I had purchased a nice black refrigerator for my kitchen,
What I didn't know at the time was that soon I would never see the 'black" colour again.
I left the room because I had chores to do,
Then Ms. Ophelia entered the room.

She had a large box of craft stickers and clingy things,
And also in the box were the words "Faith, Laugh and Sing"
After these were arranged on the refrigerator she stood back to check,
So she could determine what she would put up next.

She put a star here and a clingy something there,
And before I knew it there were stickers everywhere.
You can imagine my shock when I came back,
Because when I saw the refrigerator I just about had a heart attack.

My emotions I tried not to show,
I didn't want her to know,
My little girl was smiling and so full of pride,
I tried not to cry and managed a smile and opted to share her joy when she Yelled, SURPRISE!

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